7 Must-Destinations in the Mount Fuji Area

7 Must-Destinations in the Mount Fuji Area

You must know that one of the most famous mountains is located in Japan? Yup, the mountain is named Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan located on the border of Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures. Well, if you intend to take a vacation to Japan and visit Mount Fuji, take the time to stop by these places.

  1. Fujikyu Highlands.

For those of you who like adrenaline-pumping and challenging games, you have to stop by Fujikyu Highland Playground! Fujikyu Highland is located at the foot of Mount Fuji and has about 40 rides that you can try. In addition, Fujikyu Highland has a roller coaster that once held the world’s fastest record! The roller coasters in Fujikyu Highland are also of various types and are very tall.

  1. Yagisaki Park.

Nagasaki Park is a park in the Kawaguchi area, near Lake Kawaguchi. You can see various kinds of flowers and plants here according to the season. In this park, festivals are often held according to the ongoing season. For example, for this June-July, the ongoing festival is the Kawaguchiko Herb Festival. Lavender flowers and other herbal plants are also in bloom. Besides that, you can also see the beauty of Mount Fuji from here.

  1. Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center.

Just like Yagisaki park, here you can see a variety of beautiful flowers and plants. For those of you who want to buy souvenirs, here is a souvenir paradise that you can give to your relatives and friends.

  1. Kachi-Kachi Ropeway.

The Kachi-kachi ropeway is a cable car that takes you from Lake Kawaguchi to Mount Tenjo. From the top of Mount Tenjo, you can see the beauty of Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko. Not many tourists know about this cable car. So you don’t have to wait in long queues to ride this cable car. So the more solemn enjoy its natural beauty.

  1. Lake Kawaguchi.

Lake Kawaguchi or Lake Kawaguchi is one of the lakes at the foot of Mount Fuji. This lake is one of the spots to enjoy the beauty of Mount Fuji. While enjoying Mount Fuji, you can ride the swan boats.

  1. Kawaguchiko Music Forest.

In this complex, we can see various collections of musical instruments such as organs, music boxes, and others. You can walk around this area and enjoy the natural beauty while accompanied by soft music with a vintage theme.

  1. Ice cream counters throughout the city.

Most importantly, don’t forget to stop by the ice cream shops along the city streets. The variants are diverse, the texture is soft, and the taste is refreshing. It’s a loss if you don’t stop by!