7 Convenience Store Snacks That You Must Buy When In Japan, Make You Crave!

7 Convenience Store Snacks That You Must Buy When In Japan, Make You Crave!

Planning to go to Japan soon? Already have a culinary tourism destination that will be addressed? Indeed, Japan is rich in delicious food that is too bad to miss. In addition to various restaurants to street food that you may have made a list of your visits to while in Sakura Country, don’t forget to come in and have a snack at the konbini, OK!

Konbini, which means convenience store in Japanese, also has delicious snacks that you really must try. It’s not complete to go to Japan without tasting the 6 snacks that hit at this Japanese convenience store. What are you doing? Come on, see!

  1. Onigiri, the rice puff that is effective at blocking the stomach when it’s not time to eat

Onigiri is already familiar to the ears, especially after many minimarkets sell this rice-based food.

In their home country, Japan, onigiri is quite famous and can help when your stomach is rumbling. Even this food is widely chosen by those who do not have enough time for lunch.

Its small shape with solid rice and side dishes that are not arbitrary, makes onigiri easy to find in convenience stores in Japan. Starting from the contents of tuna, and eggs, to fried rice!

  1. The round sweetie who has a lot of fans, melon pan!

Want something that can still block your stomach but has a sweet taste? Try it with melonpan which is a typical Japanese bread that has a crunchy texture on the outside and soft on the inside.

Eits, even though the name contains an element of ‘melon’, the taste of this bread is not always melon, lo. There are cheese, chocolate, green tea, and original which are the most popular. This cake is quite cheap at convenience stores in Japan, but it has a delicious taste and is a must-try!

  1. As a hunger quencher that can be eaten quickly, the egg sandwich a la convenience store in Japan is worth a try

Not feeling full when eating melonpan or onigiri? Well, there is a tamago Sando or egg sandwich that seems to be perfect for you. It’s rare to find this in Indonesia, but in Japan, almost all department stores sell this one snack.

Like a sandwich, you will find a piece of white bread filled with super soft scrambled eggs. Not infrequently, there are inserted vegetables such as lettuce as well. It’s already delicious, and nutritious too!

  1. It’s not complete to go to Japan without snacking on mochi

Complete your trip to Japan with a mochi snack! The chewy round mochi that you can buy at Japanese convenience stores has many different flavors and prices. Some are in the form of mochi ice cream, mochi filled with cream cheese, or mochi with fruit jam filling, which is almost the same as many sold in Indonesia.

Because they are usually durable, mochi can be used as gifts for loved ones when they come home!

  1. Be a cool friend during the trip, Jagariko the little snack that is easy to carry everywhere

Jagariko is a snack in the form of sticks with potato ingredients and is quite popular among Japanese students. Dense learning activities make these students need to find food that is not only delicious but also nutritious to be enjoyed on the sidelines of studying.

For taste, you don’t need to worry because there are more than 100 flavors of Jagariko in Japan. Duh, even confused about which one to try!

  1. Meiji mushroom chocolate that melts in your mouth and makes you happy

Japan has many unique foods, but the one that is easy to find and delicious is Meiji mushroom chocolate. This food is sweet mushroom-shaped chocolate that you can find at roadside convenience stores in Japan. The adorable shape seems suitable to take home as a gift for a niece or a favorite friend.

  1. Super hungry? Department stores in Japan also provide a variety of bento that are ready to soothe your stomach

This one is not a snack, but you can also find it at Japanese convenience stores, you know. You can buy a bento or rice package along with all the side dishes for only 100 to 300 yen! Although quite cheap, the bento at this convenience store is not kidding. Complete side dishes along with vegetables and rice that are always fresh can make you full.

What’s even more fun with snacks at 7 eleven, family mart, or other convenience stores in Japan is that they are open 24 hours! So, you don’t have to worry about running out of time to try the foods above. Enjoy Japanese food heaven!