7 Charming Tours That Enhance the Beauty of Biei City, Japan

7 Charming Tours That Enhance the Beauty of Biei City, Japan

Biei is a charming city located in Hokkaido, Japan. The beauty of this city is undeniable. Considering that one of the tours is Shirogane Blue Pond, its name is quite famous in foreign countries.

The beauty of Biei City is not limited to the Blue Pond! You must know the existence of seven other charming natural attractions in Biei City that make the eyes stunned. Visit one by one, come on!

  1. Whitebeard Waterfall

Uniquely, the spectacular view of this waterfall is eagerly awaited when winter arrives. The frozen waterfall flow is an interesting sight that attracts tourists to visit Shirahige Waterfall.

Shirahige waterfall has a height of about 600 meters above sea level in Biei City. Many take advantage of this waterfall as a photography spot when winter arrives because it’s cool!

  1. Mount Tokachi

The best hiking spot in Biei City is Mount Tokachi. The meaning of the name of this gallant mountain is a volcano of ten peaks. As the name implies, Mount Tokachi offers ten of its best peaks as climbing points.

In winter, Mount Tokachi becomes an exciting spot for residents and tourists to ski to skate.

  1. Shikisai no Oka

This tour is none other than a flower garden. The best time to visit Shikisai no Oka is spring when colorful flowers bloom that is pleasing to the eye. Make it comfortable while here!

This park is still enjoyed when winter arrives because the manager offers exciting attractions for visitors by playing with snowmobiles.

  1. Kanno Farm

Visitors can find a variety of flowers in this garden. The breadth of Kanno Farm also covers nearby areas of Biei such as Kami and Furano.

This tourist spot is free of charge, you know! The recommended time to visit here is in June and October. Tourists may enjoy its beauty but are prohibited from picking it.

  1. Zerubu Hill

Zerubu Hill is an alternative tourist spot to enjoy the beauty of flowers. Beautiful and quite instagramable, Zerubu Hill is used by both residents and tourists as a pre-wedding spot that creates many memories.

  1. Seidai Dam Park

This water dam park is the best place in Biei City to refresh the mind. Passed by a long river, Seidai Dam Park is also charming because it is inhabited by cherry trees that show their beauty in May.

  1. Tree of Ken and Mary

One of the uniqueness of Biei City is that it has a spot in the form of a tree with each character and has a name and philosophy, you know! There are about six trees in question. One of them is the Tree of Ken and Mary.

Not just a tree! The Tree of Ken and Mary is estimated to be over 90 years old. What makes this tree so special is its existence which stands among flower fields.

Meanwhile, when winter arrives, this tree becomes an unforgettable spot in the hearts of local tourists.

So, you already know where to go other than Blue Pond when you’re in Biei City, right? There are interesting facts about Biei City, here! In Biei, there are also many cafes with cool concepts or themes that are guaranteed to make your vacation even more comfortable. How, interested here?