6 Recommended Best Hiking Spots Around Tokyo

6 Recommended Best Hiking Spots Around Tokyo, Japan

Maybe when you hear Japan, you immediately think of tall buildings with a glamorous life. But actually, this country has lush forests and bustling cities. They combine the present and the present. So do not be surprised if this country is more prominent than other countries.

For those of you who don’t have a hobby of shopping in the city center, hiking might be the right choice. Here are some recommended hiking spots in Japan around Tokyo.

  1. Mount Takao

For climbers, Mount Takao is already very popular among them. Mount Takao has the highest number of climbers in the world because hiking here can be done in a day and is very easy to climb for both children and adults.

The scenery here is also amazing, namely, you can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, green trees in summer, and also enjoy Momiji in autumn.

  1. Mount Mitake

Mount Mitake is one of the hiking spots in Japan, located in the Okutama region, the westernmost part of Tokyo. The highlight of Mount Mitake is where the 2,000-year-old Mitake Shrine stands and is also one of the highlights of Chinchibu Tama-Kai National Park. Not only that, but Mount Mitake also has Nanayo Waterfall, you know.

  1. Mount Tsukuba

This mountain which has two peaks is located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Kento Japan. That said, this place can help with matchmaking, marital harmony, and having children. Therefore, Mount Tsukuba is often visited by lovers or husband and wife.

In contrast to Mount Fuji which has a strenuous climb, Mount Tsukuba has a low altitude so it is very accessible to anyone.

  1. Mount Mitsutoge

It may sound strange if the purpose of climbing one mountain is just to see another mountain, but this is what you will do if you climb Mount Mitsutoge. Go on a sunny morning, especially in winter (November to February) and from there you will be presented with a view of Mount Fuji whose beauty is covered by snow.

If you want to continue your journey to Lake Kawaguchiko, you can get off using the cable car (Mount Fuji Panoramic Ropeway).

  1. Mount Kawanori

If you want to do more challenging hiking, you can try hiking on Mount Kawanori, because the hiking trail is very difficult, and the journey to the hill is very steep.

The round-trip hiking on Mount Kawanori takes approximately 7 hours from the bus stop. Even though you have to go through a trip that is quite an adrenaline test, you will be spoiled by the beauty of the pools and rivers that flow naturally. Beautiful, isn’t it?

  1. Mount Oku-Shirane

Mount Oku-Shirane is located north of Lake Shuzenji. For those who want to hike on this mountain, winter is the best time. Because the hiking trails are steep and slippery in some places, this series of hikes is recommended for reliable climbers or people who are physically strong.

Although it is a struggle, the peak of this mountain offers a beautiful volcanic lake, views leading to Mount Fuji, and attractive rock formations.

How? Some of the hiking recommendations above are no less interesting to visit, right? Don’t forget to share it with your friends too!