6 Reasons Japan Has Many Vending Machines, Very Efficient!

6 Reasons Japan Has Many Vending Machines, Very Efficient!

Vending machines or which in the language means automatic vending machines are machines in which there are various kinds of things such as drinks, food, to cigarettes that consumers can buy briefly and quickly. These vending machines are still very few in Indonesia, but in Japan, the number is up to millions!

How come there are so many vending machines in Japan? Let’s not be curious, let’s see!

  1. Japan is a safe country, there are rare cases of theft against vending machines

The main reason why Japan has a lot of vending machines is that the security factor of Sakura is quite good. Cases of theft are rare, so everyone who owns this vending machine feels safe. There were no cases of vandalism there, so even if the vending machines were placed on the sidewalk, it was still safe.

  1. Having vending machines is a source of income for Japanese people

It turns out that in Japan, everyone can have a vending machine. Those who are interested only need to submit data to the company where they are interested in placing the vending machines. Once approved, this machine can be directly placed in the desired location. It’s easy?

The ownership of these vending machines has begun to be used as a source of income for some people. Great!

  1. Prices of goods sold in vending machines are quite ‘friendly’

Planning to visit Japan soon and confused about what souvenirs to buy later? Calm down, you don’t need to panic because the items sold at this vending machine are quite diverse. Starting from canned drinks, instant noodles, and cigarettes, to things like toys! You just need to find the right machine to buy special gifts.

Make no mistake! The price of goods in these machines is relatively cheap, so don’t be surprised if vending machines in Japan are never empty.

  1. Get the goods in a fast and easy way

Japanese people are known to be hard workers and don’t spend time relaxing. Hence, they need everything fast to fulfill their needs. And, many vending machines are their answer.

Just go to the machine that provides the desired item, enter the money, and it doesn’t take long, the item is available.

  1. Provider of vending machines work professionally

One of the reasons there are so many vending machines in Japan and they are still selling is because the providers work well. They are diligent in checking and refilling items that have run out.

It doesn’t stop there, usually, in every vending machine, there will be a trash can beside it. This makes the audience they don’t have to walk far to throw out the trash.

  1. Even though you can’t speak Japanese, using vending machines is quite easy

Want to try using vending machines but are afraid to be wrong? Don’t worry, even if you can’t speak Japanese and read kanji, you can still buy something from that great machine. Usually, you just need to put some money into the machine, press the desired item, and then the item will come out automatically.

The number of vending machines and the various types of products sold make it one of the main attractions for foreigners who come to Japan. So don’t be surprised if this kind of automatic vending machine can reach up to five million in Japan!