10 Record-Breaking Tourist Spots in Japan

10 Record-Breaking Tourist Spots in Japan

You certainly don’t know the deepest lake, tallest building, or the most beautiful garden in Japan. How’s the view in these places? Here’s the list so you know:

  1. The highest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji

The mountain which has a height of 3776 meters above sea level is the highest mountain as well as a symbol of the country of Japan besides cherry blossoms.

  1. Japan’s largest wine producer, Hokkaido

Hokkaido is the number one wine producer in Japan. Wine enthusiasts from around the world can take a tour while experiencing the culture and history of the wine industry.

  1. The most consumed ice cream in Japan, Kanazawa City (Ishikawa)

The product most consumed by residents of Kanazawa City is ice cream. In addition, in this city, there is also Ice Cream which is sold with a sprinkling of pure gold.

  1. The city with the hottest springs in Japan, Beppu Hot Springs (Oita)

The city of Beppu produces the largest number of hot springs in Japan, as well as in the world!

  1. The most beautiful garden in Japan, Adachi Museum of Art (Shimane)

This park has an area of ​​10.6 hectares and was ranked first in the U.S. (based on the Japanese Gardens Journal) as the most beautiful garden for 13 consecutive years (2003-2015).

  1. The tallest dam in Japan, Kurobe Dam (Toyama)

This highly engineered dam stands at 186 m high and provides a striking and eye-catching view.

  1. The longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in Japan, Mishima Skywalk (Shizuoka)

Opened in the winter of 2015, the Mishima Skywalk is the longest suspension bridge in Japan. Pedestrians can cross this 400-meter-long bridge while enjoying views of the Fuji mountains.

  1. The deepest lake in Japan, Lake Tazawa (Akita)

Has a depth of 423 meters, making the blue water of Lake Tazawa able to make anyone’s eyes relax. Because of its beauty, this lake is often used as a setting in Japanese dramas.

  1. The tallest building in Japan, Abeno Harukas (Osaka)

When it opened in March 2014, Abeno Harukas automatically became the tallest building in Japan with a height of 300 meters above ground level. Off course,e, we can see amazing views of Osaka Ci on the top floor.

  1. The most visited castle in Japan, Himeji Castle (Hyogo)

When the palace renovation project was completed in 2015, this made the palace have a lot of visitors since 6 years closed for renovation.

Well, those are the places that have records in Japan. There’s nothing wrong with exploring these places while on vacation to Japan. All the views are stunning.