Traditional and Sacred, 9 Enchantments of Mount Koya in Japan

Traditional and Sacred, 9 Enchantments of Mount Koya in Japan

Mount Koya is a mountain in Wakayama prefecture that is home to the spiritual home of Shingon Buddhism, a sect founded more than 1,200 years ago by one of Japan’s most important religious figures, Kobo Daishi.

The nuances that seem traditional and sacred make Mount Koya very suitable to be visited, especially for visitors who want to feel the thick nuances of this land of the rising sun.

To be clear, let’s look at the nine charming charms of Mount Koya and some of the facts below!

  1. Mount Koya is located in Wakayama Prefecture and is quite a popular tourist spot in Japan
  2. When entering the Mount Koya area, visitors will be greeted by a large gate called Koya-san the Daimon Gate
  3. Mount Koya itself is a 1000-meter-high mountain that is home to 100 Shingon Buddhist temples
  4. The main Shingon Buddhist temple is named Kongobu-Ji and is located on the top of the forest-covered Mount Koya
  5. There visitors can spend the night at a shrine inn or what is commonly called Shukubo
  6. While staying, visitors can experience the lifestyle of a monk, eat monk-only vegetarian cuisine or shojin ryori, and attend dawn services
  7. The most famous landmark of Mount Koya is the Okunoin Cemetery which is one of the most sacred sites in Japan
  8. One of the no less remarkable places there is Torodo Hall which displays more than ten thousand immortal lanterns that have been burning for 900 years
  9. The atmosphere around the sacred Mount Koya feels so peaceful and calming, you know

Those are the nine charms of Mount Koya in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Interested to enjoy the beauty there?