8 Cool Tourist Destinations in Saitama, Japan That Are Very Diverse!

8 Cool Tourist Destinations in Saitama, Japan

The beauty of Japan is well known throughout the world. This Sakura country also has popular cities that are often tourist destinations, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Nagoya. Not only that but there is also a prefecture or part of Japan that is no less beautiful and exciting, you know!

This is Saitama, a prefecture that has the same name as the character Saitama in the One Punch Man series. You can visit train museums, amusement parks, to amazing ice tours.

You can also feel the atmosphere of Japan in ancient times, you know! Come on, see the reviews!

  1. Railway Museum

The train is a means of transportation that is often used by Japanese people in their daily activities. A railway company in Japan, JR EAST, opened a railway museum in 2007 called the Railway Museum. You can see the history of railways in Japan in this museum.

A collection of train carriages from time to time and an explanation of the development of train technology are found in this museum. You can try a simulation of driving a train in a locomotive, you know!

  1. Koedo Kawagoe

Have you ever imagined life in Japan during the Edo period, around 1600-1800? Koedo Kawagoe, also known as Little Edo, is an area that will make you feel like you were living in the past 400 years. Old wooden buildings, historical buildings, to the bell tower that still rings today are in this area.

There are also dozens of candy shops selling traditional Japanese sweets, you know! As it turns out, during the Edo period there were even more candy shops in the area that experienced their former glory. You can also see the process of making traditional sweets in this place.

  1. Seibuen Amusement Park

Amusement parks are one of the favorite tourist destinations because there are many exciting activities to do. Saitama has an amusement park too, you know! Its name is Seibuen Amusement Park. Various attractions such as merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, sky swinger, and even water rides are here, you know!

There is also a new ride that resembles an ancient Japanese cinema from the 1960s. The process of running this ride was supervised by a director and visual effects expert from Japan named Takashi Yamazaki, you know!

  1. Totoro Forest

Fans of Japanese anime must be familiar with Totoro, one of the characters in the animated film produced by Studio Ghibli.

Totoro Forest is a 3,500-hectare forest in Saitama that has a large Totoro statue in it. This forest has many trails that you can explore while enjoying the view of the lush forest with a lake and mountain backdrop.

No need to be afraid of getting lost, Totoro Forest has been equipped with maps and directions ready to guide you. You can also see some rare tree species in this forest, you know! Very suitable for refreshing.

  1. Chichibu Night Festival

If you’re going on holiday to Japan at the end of the year, don’t forget to stop by Saitama on December 2 and 3! Every year on that date, a lively festival called Chichibu Night Festival is held. This festival features floats equipped with lanterns, beautiful cloth, and gold-plated wood carvings.

Music from drums and flutes also enlivens this festival. There are also food vendors along the street which makes the Chichibu Night Festival even more interesting to visit. The fireworks display also makes the atmosphere even more festive at night.

  1. Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel

Not a building or a museum, these giant pillars are the supports for underground sewers. The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel is a drainage channel that was built to prevent flooding that previously often occurred in Kasukabe, the area where this channel was built.

This space with a depth of 177 meters supported by 59 pillars weighing 500 tons each is guaranteed to amaze you. A guide will take you on a tour around the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel while understanding the channel’s history, manufacturing process, and workings.

  1. Johnson Town

Japanese taste of America. That’s an appropriate phrase to describe Johnson Town which is located in Saitama. This complex has an American-style building from the 1950s. At that time, this location was the residence of American officers who participated in the Korean war. Thus, the complex was built to make the officers feel right at home.

Apart from being a tourist spot, this neighborhood is now also equipped with restaurants, cafes, and antique shops. Johnson Town is suitable for those of you who want to feel the atmosphere of American life in the 1950s, here!

  1. Icicles of Ashigakubo

Who would have thought that this amazing ice scene was artificial, you know! Icicles of Ashigakubo is one of the tourist destinations in Saitama which is made of artificial ice. To make it even more beautiful, the ice is illuminated by lights of various colors. Very Instagrammable, right!

The formation of the Icicles of Ashigakubo was initiated by residents who sprayed water over the small hill where this site was founded. The water that is sprayed freezes and crystallizes by itself in the middle of Japan’s winter weather.

Those are 8 cool and fun tourist destinations in Saitama! You can use the places above as a reference for your vacation in Japan, here!