7 Most Beautiful Cities in Japan, You Can Explore Virtually

7 Most Beautiful Cities in Japan

Japan has a very diverse natural beauty. Starting from towering mountains, rolling hills, and flat farmland. Japan has always been a tourist attraction every year.

In addition, Japan also has beautiful cities that must be visited while on vacation there. From Japan’s Edo period buildings to majestic shrines, here are some of Japan’s most beautiful cities to explore virtually. Save the budget, okay!

  1. Hida-Takayama

Hida-Takayama is nicknamed little Kyoto for its many beautiful 18th-century temples and buildings. This city is thick with the atmosphere of the ancient Japanese era, surrounded by the surrounding Hida Mountains.

Hida-Takayama also features a riverside market, traditional shops, and inns. San-machi Suji Street is the heart of the city’s historic district lined with dark old wooden buildings.

With Google Earth, you can walk along the narrow streets of Hida-Takayama which are lined by small canals with running water still in use. Like centuries ago, water canals are also used to wash clothes and remove snow.

  1. Karuizawa

Karuizawa is a charming resort town nestled beneath Mount Asama, one of the most active volcanoes. To get to this city, it takes an hour from Tokyo by high-speed train.

Karuizawa attracts many local and foreign tourists with its beautiful autumn leaves. The temperature of the city in summer is cooler. This city is also thick with romantic nuances, you know.

Using Google Earth, you can explore Mount Asama, a hot spring, and Yacho-no-Mori, or the bird forest which is home to more than 60 different bird species.

  1. Otaru

Otaru is the most important fishing port in Japan. There is a terminal station for Hokkaido’s first railway line built here. The city’s ancient canals are lined with old warehouses, giving it an aesthetic look.

In addition, Otaru is one of the most famous places in Japan to enjoy seafood. By using Google Earth, you can walk along a canal area decorated with magnificent herring houses to the city center.

The town is especially beautiful during the Otaru Snow Gleaming Festival in February as the canal area is lined with glowing snow lanterns. Very suitable to be seen virtually.

  1. Nara

Once the permanent capital of Japan and home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Nara is one of the most culturally rich cities in Japan. Despite being the capital for 70 years, it was in those years that art, literature, and culture flourished.

Nara is one of the most populous cities in Japan. With Google Earth, you can visit Todaiji Temple, a wooden structure that houses one of the largest bronze Buddha statues in Japan. There is also Nara Park filled with deer that are released freely.

  1. Magome

Magome is in the Kiso Valley which was once an important stop for travelers in the Edo period. They made the long journey between Tokyo and Kyoto along the Nakasendo Line.

With Google Earth, you can try a virtual hike through the Magome-Tsumago Trail which winds its way through forests, farmlands, and waterfalls. Finally, you will arrive at the very beautiful city of Tsumago.

  1. Kanazawa

Kanazawa became one of the cities that were spared from bomb attacks during World War II. Many parts of the city remain intact today.

Using Google Earth, you can walk along narrow streets, past old samurai and geisha districts, Edo period canals, beautiful temples, and modern museums. Despite its many historical sights, Kanazawa also has popular shopping and dining spots.

  1. Hakone

Part of the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, Hakone offers a spectacular landscape of mountains, lakes, and hiking trails. Using Google Earth, you can walk along Ashino-ko, a lake with a view of Mount Fuji.

There is also the Torii Hakone-jinja Gate for a perfect view of Japan. Hakone is famous for its onsen or hot springs, traditional inns, and amazing art museums.

Even if you’re just exploring virtually, the most beautiful cities in Japan above will take your breath away after work or school. After the pandemic period is over, you can add the most beautiful cities in Japan to your list of vacation destinations!