7 Horror Destinations in Matsue City that Test Your Courage, Are You Sure You Dare?

7 Horror Destinations in Matsue City, Japan

Matsue is a city in southwest Japan, in Shimane Prefecture to be exact. A flight from Tokyo takes about 90 minutes. Matsue is also nicknamed the city of water, because of the many water canals that connect several places. The number of temples makes this city once thick with spiritual and supernatural.

Interested in knowing about the mystical destinations in Matsue? Here’s the information.

  1. Take Horikawa’s leisure boat to Matsue Castle

When arriving at Izumo airport in Shimane Prefecture, tourists can take a bus to Lake Bus Line. The bus ride takes 30 minutes. When arriving at the pier, tourists pay around 1,230 Yen (Rp 160 thousand), to be able to take a leisurely boat to Matsue Castle which is about 3.7 kilometers or 50 minutes.

Tourists can enjoy the natural scenery that is a bit gloomy around the river and through the tunnels under the bridges that are passed.

  1. See samurai costumes at Matsue Castle

Matsue Castle is over 400 years old. The atmosphere in the castle is conditioned a bit dark. The castle has six floors that visitors can enter. On several floors, there is a museum exhibition space of samurai costumes and combat equipment.

On the top floor, tourists can see 360 ​​degrees of the entire city of Matsue, because there are very few tall buildings. The entrance fee to this castle is around 280 Yen (Rp 37 thousand).

  1. Find out the history of ghosts at the Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum

Lafcadio Hearn is a Japanese novelist, journalist, and travel writer. He was born in Greece in 1850 and died in Tokyo in 1904. His best-known book is Kwaidan: Stories and Research on Strange Things.

The book explains the legends and myths surrounding ghosts and supernatural occurrences from ancient Japan. In the museum, visitors can browse the archives of Lafcadio Hearn’s writings, writing tables and chairs, and the insect cage maintained by Lafcadio Hearn.

There is also a machine that tells scary stories if visitors press a few buttons. The entrance fee to this museum is around 400 Yen (Rp 52 thousand).

  1. See hundreds of fox statues at Jozan Inari Jinja

Jozan Inari Jinja is a sacred area for the ancient people of Matsue. Here there are statues of small and large foxes. The tour guide explained that the location was used as a sacred area for religious rituals and also the location of holy graves.

Some amulets are sold to visitors for 500 Yen (Rp 64,500). The amulet contains ancient Japanese inscriptions and pictures of foxes.

  1. Drowning the mirror pond coin of Yaegaki Jinja Shrine

Yaegaki Jinja Shrine is located in the south of Matsue city. Here are many ancient locations known as places to find a mate. Here are three Camellia trees that have two roots and one trunk, symbolizing a couple united for good.

Behind the shrine is the Okunoin Sagusameno-mori forest. At this location, there is a lake that is believed to be able to find out a person’s soul mate. The trick, tourists buy a talisman paper and a coin for 100 Yen (Rp 13,000).

Then the paper is spread on the surface of the lake, and coins are placed on it. If less than 15 minutes after the coin sinks, it means that the person’s soul mate is close.

  1. Ghost tour at Gessho-Ji Temple

This sacred temple was originally used to do meditation and yoga. Currently, Gessho-Ji Temple is also used as a tourist attraction at night. Travelers only need to pay 1,700 Yen (Rp 220 thousand) for a 50-minute walking tour to several temple sites.

Of course, there are several places, such as burial areas, and places of worship to be passed. If lucky, tour participants can feel the spirits that wander. At the end of the tour, visitors will find a giant turtle statue.

There is a myth, once at night, the giant turtle could move and walk around the city to eat humans.

  1. Kaka Kukedo

Kaka Kukedo is an island that is believed to be the location of the first appearance of the god Izumo who ruled Matsue in ancient times. On this island, there is a sacred cave.

The cave is believed to be the gate of the natural world and the afterlife. If tourists visit this location, there will be many places to remember the children of the residents who died before becoming adults. There are several photos, lights, and children’s toys to be found.

The tour guide will also tell the details of the history and the passage that is the gate between the two realms. To get here, tourists can buy a boat ticket for 1,500 Yen (Rp 193 thousand) per person.

Those are 7 horror places that you can enjoy while in Matsue city. Your adrenaline will increase little by little. Are you sure you dare to go there?