7 Cool Tours of Tottori in Japan, There’s a Detective Conan House!

7 Cool Tours of Tottori in Japan, There’s a Detective Conan House!

There is one interesting destination in Japan to visit besides Tokyo and Osaka, namely Tottori. What’s wrong with Tottori? The prefecture which is located by the coast is also quite famous in the ears of world travelers because one of its tours is identical to tourism in the Middle East.

In addition, there is also the house of Detective Conan you know! Are you curious enough? If so, let’s go there!

  1. Mount Daisen

Quoted from the Japan Travel page, Mount Daisen was named by The Japan Greatest Summ Ranking as the third largest mountain in Japan after Mount Fuji and Mount Yari. Mount Daisen remains stunning in all seasons because it has a very beautiful landscape.

Besides being charming, this mountain is also friendly for climbers. Not a few of them take advantage of the peak of Mount Daisen to watch the sunrise or sunset.

  1. Sanbutsuji Temple

To go to Sanbutsuji Temple, you will be spoiled with amazing views of the cluster of hills that stretch on either side of the road and are greeted by large torii.

The same goes for Hanging Temple in Datong, China. This shrine is attached to the cliffs of Mount Mintoku. That said, the establishment of this temple building was assisted by spiritual power.

  1. Watanabe Seni Art Museum

This museum has a collection of ceramics from other East Asian countries such as China and Korea. The museum, which was founded in 1978, also collects items from Hajime Watanabe who is none other than a famous animator in Japan.

Many people refer to this museum as the shrine of Japanese antiquities because it also contains several examples of armor and weapons used by the Japanese military.

  1. Kannon-in

For those of you who embrace the Buddhist faith, you must stop by Kannon-In. This tour is one of the enchanting temples in Tottori. Not only used as a place of worship, but many tourists also visit Kannon-in because this temple has a beautiful landscape in the form of a green garden and a small lake that is quite refreshing to the eye when viewed.

  1. Hokuei

Hokuei is a small town located in Tottori. This unique city is introduced to tourists by the name Conan Town or Conan City. The fictional character from the manga, which is quite famous in the world, comes from this city.

Gosho Ayoma is the manga writer Detective Conan who was born in Hokuei, Tottori. This is the reason why Hokuei is called the home of Detective Conan. This city is also decorated with all Conan knick-knacks. You can also buy comics to souvenirs about Detective Conan at Gosho Aoyoma Manga Factory.

  1. Tottori Sand Dunes

Desert tourism is synonymous with the Middle East. You can find him in the Tottori Sand Dunes. This dune tour has a perfect landscape of gentle desert views and the vast blue sea.

Camel riding, sand playing, and paragliding are some of the exciting activities that tourists can do when visiting here.

  1. Tottori Sand Museum

A visit to the Tottori Sand Dunes is incomplete if you don’t stop by the sand museum. However, this museum is open to the public at certain times because it is not a permanent museum. If there are no changes, mid-April to January is the time for the exhibition.

In this museum, you will see exhibitions of sculptures made of sand by artists from all over the world.

There are many more tours in Tottori that you must visit. Everything is also fun and exciting, you know! Interested in visiting here, don’t forget to start saving now!