6 Sweet Snacks in Akita Prefecture, A Must-Try for Culinary Lovers

6 Sweet Snacks in Akita Prefecture, A Must-Try for Culinary Lovers

Akita Prefecture may not be as popular as Tokyo or other big cities. Located approximately 7 hours from Tokyo, Akita serves many famous destinations such as the sea, and mountains the most famous is the samurai district.

Not only a tourist destination, but Akita Prefecture also has typical snacks that are no less interesting than other regions. If you are on vacation in Japan, Akita can be one of the places to buy souvenirs from the country of cherry blossoms for your family and loved ones. Here are sweet snacks that you can make recommendations for souvenirs.

  1. Kiritanpo

Kiritanpo is taken from the words “Kiri” which means cut and “tanpo” which means guarding the tip of the spear for training. Sure enough, the kiritanpo looked like the tip of the spear had been cut off.

If you look at it, kiritanpo looks like a typical Balinese satay wrap. However, kiritanpo turned out to be made of mashed rice then wrapped around a thick wooden skewer and then burned. Kiritanpo can be enjoyed with sweet peanut sauce or can be a heavy meal served in nabe soup.

  1. Iburigakko

Iburigakko is made from smoked Japanese white radish and then left for 40 days in a mixture of rice bran, sugar, salt, and a little chili. Sweet, salty, and spicy flavors combined with a crispy texture and smoked aroma create a unique taste that is suitable as a souvenir choice when visiting Akita Prefecture.

In general, iburigakko is served cut into pieces and then eaten as a snack. However, nowadays many culinary creations use iburigakko as the main ingredient. Such as croquettes, martabak, onigiri and others.

  1. Pumpkin Pie

The sweet taste comes from a pumpkin from the village of Ogata in Akita Prefecture. Due to the favorable climate and soil, pumpkins can thrive in the village of Ogata. Pumpkin pie is a popular local product from Akita Prefecture, at least pumpkin pie made in Ogata village can sell around 300,000 packs a year.

Pumpkin pie will taste delicious when reheated in the oven. The crunchy outer skin and sweetness of the pumpkin jam are the perfect combination for a snack.

  1. Kinman Cake

This typical Akita prefectural snack is included in the type of Manju or traditional Japanese steamed cake. Contains sweet white bean paste then wrapped in castella made of egg and honey. The sweet taste is suitable to be eaten with hot tea or coffee.

The name Kinman is taken from the name of the company that produces this manju cake. The Kinman company has been around for 60 years. Therefore, residents recognize this local snack.

  1. Banana Boat

The banana boat is so named because of its shape like the silhouette of a canoe. One thing that makes this bread special is that it has a whole banana in it. Bananas are given cream and then covered with a soft sponge cake. Not only containing bananas, Takeyaseipan as a banana boat producer also sells other variants such as strawberries, red beans, and mixed fruits. However, only the banana variant has cream in various flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, and matcha.

Uniquely, this bread cannot be found outside of Akita Prefecture. However, it can be found in all shops in Akita Prefecture.

  1. Shinko Mochi

Who does not know mochi, this snack comes from Japan. In general, mochi is round in shape and has various fillings. However, this mochi is different from the others. Shinko mochi does not have a filling but uses a sweet red bean sauce. Interestingly, Shinko mochi is made from special glutinous rice that is only produced in Akita Prefecture.

After buying this one snack, maybe you should immediately put it in the refrigerator. Shinko mochi can only last a day in the open air. It aims to maintain the quality of food without a mixture of preservatives. After a day has passed, the Shinko mochi will become hard and difficult to eat.

Well, those are some of the famous snacks from Akita Prefecture. If you are traveling to Japan, there is no harm in visiting Akita Prefecture to taste it.