6 Nature Tours in Japan that Are No Less Beautiful than Mount Fuji

6 Nature Tours in Japan that Are No Less Beautiful than Mount Fuji

The country with the nickname Sakura Country has many interesting tourist destinations to visit. No exception with the beauty of its beautiful natural tourism. Despite being a developed country and quite innovative. The Japanese community deserves thumbs up for successfully maintaining and preserving natural tourism properly.

In Japan, Mount Fuji is a symbol or landmark that is well known throughout the world. This highest mountain in Japan has a beauty that can be seen from all angles. But, it’s not just Mount Fuji! Like the following 6 natural attractions, they are no less beautiful than mountains which are considered sacred by the Japanese people.

  1. Tottori Sand Dunes

The Tottori Sand Dunes are the largest in Japan and are still part of the Sanin Kaigan National Park. This nature tour is in the Tottori area and is located right on the shores of the Sea of ​​Japan.

Not only enjoy the beauty of the beach, you know. Here, visitors can also do other activities such as sandboarding, paragliding to riding a camel or horse along the vast dunes. Not far from the dunes, visitors can also visit the Sand Museum, where each show has a unique theme.

  1. Nachi Falls

Nachi Falls was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2004. With a height of 133 meters, this natural attraction is also part of the object of worship in Shinto rituals, which are believed to have a long life divinity.

Visitors who come will be amazed by the amazing view of the waterfall and the green trees around. Not to forget, there is also a Shinto Shrine that stands majestically near Nachi Falls.

  1. Shiratani Unsuikyo Gorge

Located on Yakushima Island, Shiratani Unsui Gorge is the most popular natural tourist spot visited by tourists. Not only does it offer green forests, here the Shiratani River is flowing with the sound of the water giving an impressive and unforgettable nature tour experience.

The two most visited places are Kokemusu Mori (Moss Woods), which is the backdrop for the film Princess Mononoke, and Taikoiwa (Drum Rock), where when we are here we can see the beautiful view of the Anbogawa River with the backdrop of Mount Miyanoura and Mount Oku.

  1. Lake Kawaguchi

Located at the foot of Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi is one of the most visited lakes. This lake is the second largest lake in Japan after Lake Yamanakako.

Besides seeing the beauty of Lake Kawaguchi, visitors can also enjoy other activities such as fishing, watching the fireworks festival, riding the Kachi-Kachi Yama Ropeway train, and many other activities that are guaranteed not to bore you.

  1. Mount Aogashima

Mount Aogashima is a part of Aogashima Island because this mountain is a mountain that has a volcanic caldera.

The eruption of the mountain makes the area around it fertile, as evidenced by the growth of green trees that grow around the island. To get to Mount Aogashima, visitors can use a boat or helicopter.

  1. Furuzamami Beach

Its remote location makes the beauty of Firuzamami Beach still well preserved. Because it is located on Kerama Island, it is not uncommon for Japanese people to call it Blue Kerama.

Generally, visitors who come take their time for diving and snorkeling spots. Enjoy the beauty of coral reefs under clear water and colorful fish.

I agree that the natural attractions that have been mentioned earlier are no less beautiful than the beauty of Mount Fuji.

If you go to Japan, take the time to visit one of them. Guaranteed you won’t regret it!