5 Night Festivals in Japan You Can’t-Miss!

5 Night Festivals in Japan You Can’t-Miss!

Japan has been known to the world as a country that has a lot of interesting tourist spots. Starting from cultural tourism to culinary tourism, everything is in Japan.

But, have you ever visited a night tourist spot in Japan? If not, here are five recommended night attractions in Japan that you shouldn’t miss when visiting there, let’s have a look!

  1. Chichibu Yomatsuri

This festival is held during winter in Japan, to be precise in early December. Tourists will be spoiled with beautiful views of the parade of boats filled with lots of lights. This festival is held in the Chichibu shrine area, Saitama.

From a historical perspective, this festival is one of the oldest festivals in Japan because it has been held for centuries. Some even believe that this festival has been held since 2000 years ago. The festival starts from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. and ends with a fireworks display.

  1. Akita Kanto Matsuri

The Akita Kanto Matsuri is one of the biggest night festivals in the Tohoku region. At this festival, there will be a group of people carrying a 12-meter-long pole containing 46 lanterns. These people will parade carrying the big lights along Chuo Dori Street, in Akita City, Japan.

This festival is held in August and belongs to the festivals in the summer. The performers who follow this event can reach hundreds of people. They will perform acrobatic actions lifting the Kanto pole while dancing and accompanied by energetic drumming.

  1. Shaporo Night Festival

This festival is held in February when it is the peak of winter in Japan. This festival is held for one week featuring various snow sculptures that have been decorated with colorful lights. Visitors who come here can enjoy the beauty of these lights starting at 10 pm.

There are hundreds of snow sculptures at this festival and all of them have different shapes, ranging from castle shapes, and cartoon characters to even ramen shapes. This festival is held at Odori Park in Shaporo City, Hokkaido.

  1. Gion Matsuri

This festival is held in the middle of the year to be precise in July. This festival has a very large series of events and is carried out for a whole month. Yoiyama night is one of the most awaited nights.

That night, there will be an exhibition of lanterns and Japanese antiques on the main Karasuma-Dori Street. This antique exhibit is a symbol of honor for the influential families who lived in the area. The families did not hesitate to open the door of their house to visitors who want to see the antiques.

For visitors who want to shop, they can also visit the surprise market at Gion Matsuri. There, visitors can try a variety of typical Japanese street food snacks provided for pedestrians.

  1. Tenjin Matsuri

This evening festival is held in July and is held in Osaka City. There are more than 100 boats that will sail across the Okawa river that divides the city of Osaka. The boats carry followers from Tenmanggu Temple.

The boat passengers will wear traditional clothes while playing music and shouting to the rhythm. Not to forget, this show will also hold a fireworks party which will start at 7.30 pm. There are more than 3,000 fireworks that will be displayed and this fireworks display will be the conclusion of all the events at the Tenjin Matsuri Festival.

Those are some of the night festivals in Japan that are very interesting to visit while on vacation there. Immediately visit the official Japanese tourism website so you don’t miss the schedule of the festivals above. Happy holidays!