5 Interesting Places in Kagoshima-Japan, Don’t Miss It!

5 Interesting Places in Kagoshima-Japan

Hearing Kagoshima may still be a foreign thing to the ears of the Indonesian people, unlike other cities in Japan that are already worldwide. But make no mistake, Kagoshima has a variety of beautiful natural charms and various unique tourist spots that you can visit.

Kagoshima’s natural beauty is the main attraction for tourists who visit there. It’s not a new thing if Kagoshima is always crowded with foreign tourists.

Isn’t this city very interesting? Here are some recommendations for tourist attractions in Kagoshima, what are they? Come on, watch to the end.

  1. Shiroyama

First, there’s Shiroyama, a pretty little park in Kagoshima famous for its observatory. There you can see the whole city of Kagoshima. Shiroyama is also one of the most important historical sites in Kagoshima, being the site of the satsuma rebellion in 1887.

Even more interesting, here you can find a cave called Saigo Cave, which is predicted to be a historical place for the local Kagoshima residents. Because it used to be the scene of the battle between Saigo Takamori and the Katsuma rebellion.

  1. Shoko Shuseikan

Shoko Shuseikan is a museum in Kagoshima. Formerly, this was the first factory house in Japan which was established in the 1850s. The museum is famous for its antiques related to the Shimazu family, who were once famous in Kagoshima.

If you visit this museum, you will be spoiled with various unique collections that are here. There are about 10 thousand different items, including beautiful calligraphy pieces. There are also very unique ceramics or glassware.

  1. Sakurajima

Sakurajima is an active volcano overlooking the city of Kagoshima. Even more interesting, if you dare, you can reach the smoldering mountain by taking a ferry around Kagoshima Harbor.

In addition, if you want to go to the main observation spot, you only need about two hours from Kagoshima port. No need to worry, there are also some small binoculars on the side of the road that allow you to see the beauty of Mount Sakurajima from afar.

  1. Reimeikan

Furthermore, there was also Reimeikan. The destination is famous for its historical background on the history of the satsuma rebellion in Kagoshima, such as Shiroyama park. Not only that, but this place is also famous for being a place for making Japanese arts and crafts such as making swords or samurai.

Reimeikan is located inside Kagoshima Castle which is shaped like a small museum. Although most of the original castle is no longer standing here, Remeikan still looks beautiful and very unique. No wonder this place remains a busy destination for tourists.

  1. Lo World Kagoshima Aquarium

Finally, there is Lo world Kagoshima Aquarium, this underwater tourist spot is quite popular in Kagoshima. For those of you who like underwater tourism, this destination is suitable to visit. Here you can see various kinds of marine animals that may be rare in other places.

Don’t worry, in this place, there are also shops selling knick-knacks related to the underwater world. No need to be afraid of starvation, you can go up to the 2nd floor because there is a restaurant called Dolphin Kitchen that sells various kinds of seafood at affordable prices.

Well, this isn’t a complete tourist spot in Kagoshima city. For those of you who want to visit Japan someday, this can be the best reference for you.