5 Favorite Tourist Attractions in Chiba-Japan that Must Enter the Bucket List

5 Favorite Tourist Attractions in Chiba, Japan

Japan is known to have many famous tourist spots that can attract millions of visitors from various parts of the world every year. Regions in this country have their respective advantages in the world of tourism.

One of them is Chiba, a prefecture located on the east coast of Honshū that is known as a port city that has many tourist destinations.

What are the favorite tourist attractions in Chiba that must be added to your bucket list? Here’s the information.

  1. Hockey Museum

The Hockey Museum is the first museum in Japan devoted exclusively to the collection of realism paintings. The museum which was founded in 2010 is categorized as a world-class art museum that has around 400 works of art from world-famous artists.

In addition to the spectacular collection, the building of this museum looks quite futuristic and majestic. Yes, this modern building with curved corridor sections is the work of the architectural firm Nikken Sekkei.

  1. Chiba Port Tower

Built-in 1986 on the waterfront of Chiba, Chiba Port Tower is a landmark in itself for this port city. This 125-meter-high tower is one of the main attractions for tourists visiting Chiba.

From the top floor of this tower, you can see a spectacular 360-degree view of Chiba city. Even if the weather is sunny, you can see the beauty of Mount Fuji from a distance.

The right time to visit this tower itself is in the afternoon.

  1. Chiba Park

Chiba Park is one of the favorite places for the people of Chiba City to escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. This park is very suitable to be visited with family because there are many rides to play on and some exciting activities.

When spring comes, this park will look very beautiful because of the many cherry blossoms. And in summer or autumn, the Oga Lotus, which is called the oldest flower in the world, turns to beautify this garden located in the center of Chiba city.

  1. Chiba City Museum of Science

As a well-known educational tourist destination in Chiba, the Chiba City Museum of Science is a great place for recreation and learning about how technology for modern industry works. This museum is operated by important people from universities, and companies, to foundations in Chiba.

This museum was indeed established as a place to learn various aspects of science and technology applied in today’s industrial world. Therefore, many people are curious to come to the museum which was once a former textile factory.

  1. Chiba Shrine (Myōken Hongū)

Although not very popular, Chiba Shrine or Chiba Shrine deserves to be your vacation destination when you are in this city. Even though it is located in the city center, this Temple still has a very cool natural atmosphere. You don’t even think that this temple is surrounded by skyscrapers.

This temple has a pretty beautiful garden. Plus, shady trees with winding paths make you feel like you are in the middle of the forest. This Shinto shrine itself was built to be dedicated to Ame-no-Minakanushi.

Chiba still has many exciting tourist attractions that would be too many to mention. However, the five destinations above are the most visited of all places in Chiba.

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