5 Exciting Tours in Takamatsu, Japan, Add to Bucket List!

5 Exciting Tours in Takamatsu, Japan

Takamatsu is the capital city of Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. This port city is also known as the Gateway of Shikoku.

Takamatsu City is often visited by foreign tourists because of its beauty. You can find a variety of interesting and exciting tourist destinations here. Curious about anything? Here are five recommendations.

  1. Takamatsu Castle

Takamatsu Castle was built in 1588. Unfortunately, some parts of the castle have suffered damage due to erosion and various conflicts over the years. The good news is that the castle is currently under renovation.

One part that remains intact is the inner moat which is certainly worth seeing as it is filled with seawater. If you visit in spring, you can take part in a swimming competition here, where people will jump into the cold water as a show of strength.

  1. Tamamo Park

Tamamo Park is one of the main parks in Takamatsu City and is home to the site of the old Takamatsu castle. Unfortunately, currently, not many castles remain.

Even so, it is reported that the local government is in talks about a renovation project. Every spring, in April, to be exact, locals will flock to the park to see the myriad of blooming cherry trees dotting the park.

  1. Takamatsu City Museum of Art

Takamatsu City has an art museum that is growing very rapidly. Its name is Takamatsu City Museum of Art. Although not very popular compared to other tourist attractions, the collection in this museum is extraordinary.

In the museum, which is located at the Bank of Japan, you can find various interesting works of art and paintings from all over Japan. There are also some galleries containing amazing works by foreign artists.

  1. Ritsurin Park

It can be said that Ritsurin Park is a major landmark of Takamatsu City. This place is also one of the most beautiful and largest parks in the city.

Ritsurin Park was built as a resting place for warlords Sanuki and Sasuma. Because of its beauty, this park is also declared a valuable National Treasure of Japan.

Strolling around Ritsurin Park you will be presented with stunning views of the park’s most famous Engetsu-Kyo Bridge, the iconic Red Wall of Rocks, a lush lotus pond, and the rushing Okedoi-no-Taki. Tired from sightseeing, stop by one of the many teahouses here that also often hold traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for visitors.

  1. Naoshima

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Takamatsu, you can consider a trip to an island called Naoshima. The island’s main attraction is its unique modern art installations.

There are so many art installations in the form of large ceramic flasks and other unique art installations that are a shame to miss. To get here, you only need about an hour from Takamatsu by ferry.

Those are the recommendations for five tours in Takamatsu City, Japan that can be your next vacation reference. Come on, immediately arrange an itinerary to Takamatsu for the holidays later.