Vacationing Japan, these are 11 things that make tourists always miss Fukuoka

Vacationing Japan, these are 11 things that make tourists always miss Fukuoka

Is anyone planning a vacation abroad, but confused about where to go on vacation? If so, you don’t need to worry because we have recommendations for vacation spots abroad, namely Sakura Country, Japan.

This time not to Tokyo or Osaka, but Fukuoka! Yes, this city is famous for having pleasant weather, friendly people, and natural scenery like heaven. Not surprisingly, most tourists who have visited will be addicted to coming again.

To be even more sure that Fukuoka is the right choice, here are 11 fun things you can do while on vacation there. Guaranteed you won’t want to go home!

  1. Eat the best ramen at Shin Shin Ramen

When it comes to food, the most popular in Fukuoka is Hakata Ramen. This local ramen containing thin noodles and tonkotsu soup can be found anywhere. But if you’re looking for the top one in Fukuoka, Shin-Shin Ramen is the answer!

  1. Learn to paint a Hakata doll

One of the things that make travelers in Fukuoka reluctant to go home is the friendliness of the local people. They will be happy to teach tourists how to make traditional crafts, Hakata Dolls for example. Not only learning to make, later your work can be taken home for souvenirs. It’s perfect for souvenirs!

  1. Historical tour in Dazaifu

You have to visit Dazaifu if you are staying in Fukuoka. As the old capital of Kyushu, it has many historical sites such as the Kyushu National Museum and Dazaifu Ten-man-Gu Shrine. There you will be invited by a walking tour guide while learn the history of Kyushu. Not bad, walking around while increasing knowledge?

  1. Stunning views of Moji Port

Opened in 1889, this port always leaves a mark on the hearts of visitors. No wonder many tourists want to go there again and again. From its opening until now, this exotic European-style building has maintained its original form. So, you have to go there. Sure, you won’t even be able to blink!

  1. Take a romantic walk in Wisteria Park with your partner

A visit to Fukuoka will not be complete if you don’t stop by to enjoy the beauty of Kawachi Fujien. This colorful, May-flowering wisteria plant is all the more attractive when it sways in the wind. It’s romantic and really beautiful!

  1. Experience the ‘Boat Tour’ in Yanagawa
  2. Learn to make takoyaki directly from street vendors

This typical Japanese roadside snack is worldwide! Well, if in Indonesia you just order and eat, have you ever thought about learning how to make it?

Traveling to Fukuoka, it’s a really good time to learn directly from vendors how to make this snack from flour and octopus.

Don’t like eating octopus? Relax, you can still choose other flavors such as sausage and cheese. How about you, curious to try it?

  1. Feel the sensation of joining the tea ceremony

Learning to make takoyaki isn’t enough? Don’t worry, other activities will make it difficult for you to move on from Fukuoka. Yups, join the tea ceremony or Chado!

Whoa, can you imagine how fun it would be to make matcha or green tea and share it with other guests? Please prove it yourself by visiting Fukuoka!

  1. The experience of eating at a yatai with residents

One of the culinary tours in Fukuoka city is the open-air dining booths commonly called “Yatai”. There are about 150 yatai that can be found at the tip of Nakasu Island, which offers food ranging from yakitori, and oden, to ramen.

Although the place is simple, eating at this yatai can give you an unforgettable experience, because you can chat more closely with the locals while eating.

  1. Take a karate class at Yanagawa

We’ve gone to beautiful places, we’ve had culinary and historical tours, and other exciting activities are recommended to do, namely learning karate! Karate is one of the most famous martial arts in Japan.

So, so that your sightseeing isn’t in vain, it’s possible to take a 60-minute karate course near Yanagawa. You will be taught some basic karate techniques. It must be really fun!

  1. Capture the beautiful view of Fukuoka Tower at night

Lastly, to make your vacation even more perfect, it is imperative to capture the landmark of Fukuoka City, namely Fukuoka Tower. The 234-meter-tall tower is located in the center of the Seaside Momochi area.

Uniquely, this tower has lighting that is adjusted to certain seasons. For example, cherry blossoms in spring, a heart shape for Valentine’s Day, or an image of a Christmas tree at Christmas. Wow, so it must be cool right?

Those are 11 exciting things in Fukuoka that have succeeded in making tourists want to go there again, and again. When is it your turn?