These 7 Tourist Attractions in Kingston Can Be Your Vacation Reference

These 7 Tourist Attractions in Kingston Can Be Your Vacation Reference

Kingston is a small city located between Toronto and Montreal. This city has been established in 1673 ago.

As a historical city, Kingston City certainly has many interesting places that are a pity to miss, one of which is the magnificent limestone building. This is also what finally made the City of Kingston dubbed the City of Lime.

So, which tourist attractions can be visited in Kingston? Check this out!

  1. Fort Henry

Fort Henry is a very interesting national historical site to visit. In the past, the construction of Fort Henry was intended to protect the Kingston Royal Naval Dockyard which was involved in the war in 1812.

In addition to studying history, by visiting Henry Fort, tourists also have the opportunity to see historical re-enactments and parades. They can even try shooting with a rifle, you know.

  1. Crysler Park Marina

In addition to picnics and leisurely walks, at Crysler Park Marina tourists can also walk along the St. River. Lawrence by boat, kayak, canoe, or paddle boarding.

After enjoying the beauty of Crysler Park Marina, tourists can continue their journey to Crysler Beach to swim, eat local food at the many restaurants found around Crysler Park Marina or shop for souvenirs for relatives in the country.

  1. Kingston City Hall

It could be said that Kingston City Hall which was built in 1844 is also a National Historic Site of Canada. The building also has a neoclassical architectural style with a dome as its icon.

It is recommended, that if you want to explore one of the leading places in Kingston, tourists use the services of a guide because they will explain the meaning of every detail of the building, the collections in it, and the historical story behind it.

  1. Thousand Islands National Park

A visit to Kingston is incomplete if you don’t set foot in the Thousand Islands National Park. More than 1,800 islands are stretching 80 kilometers along the St. River. Lawrence.

To get to the Thousand Islands National Park, tourists can use a boat. Here there are historical sites, flora, and fauna, as well as trails that tourists can use to take a stroll to enjoy the beauty of the island.

  1. Museum of Health Care

Located within the historic Ann Baillie Building, the Museum of Health Care is the only museum in the country dedicated exclusively to the history of health. The collection consists of 30,000 artifacts dating back to the 18th century, such as medical equipment, surgical instruments, and laboratories.

  1. Kingston Public Market

Having been operating since 1801, Kingston Public Market is also the oldest market. The market is filled with local traders selling various products, such as flowers, produce, and mouth-watering local foods.

Meanwhile, on Saturdays, this market specifically sells antiques and is enlivened by various events, one of which is a cooking demonstration performed by a skilled chef.

  1. Wolfe Island

Wolfe Island is located just off the coast of Kingston. This is the largest island with the entire territory already inhabited.

Famous places are Marysville which is a row of quaint shops and cafes and Big Sandy Bay which is famous for its stretch of sand beach. What this island has to offer is even more beautiful than Lake Ontario, you know.

Well, those are interesting places in Kingston that can be used as a reference for your vacation. Which one do you want to visit first?