9 Most Popular Destinations in Nara Japan, Dominated by Legendary Temples!

9 Most Popular Destinations in Nara Japan, Dominated by Legendary Temples!

Japan is one of the countries most frequently visited by international tourists for vacation. There are many choices of cities to visit when visiting Japan. There are Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Okinawa, and others.

However, there is one city in Japan that has a lot of amazing tourist spots called the city of Nara. The destinations offered are also varied, ranging from nature tours to enjoy the surrounding scenery, gardens, and most important temples.

Nara offers many Japanese shrine destinations that international tourists can visit. Here are 9 tourist destinations that you must visit when you go to Nara, check this out!

  1. Todaiji Temple is one of the most historical shrines in Japan and a landmark of the city of Nara
  2. Found by Prince Shotoku in 607, Horyuji Temple is one of the oldest wooden shrines in Japan, you know!
  3. Located right in the center of the city, Nara Park is a famous destination that has more than 1,000 deer
  4. Well, Kasuga Taisha is famous for its lanterns. The right time to come to this place is when the lantern festival is taking place
  5. Next, there is Toshidaiji which is the largest temple in the west of Nara and is one of the oldest temples in Nara
  6. For those of you who like to take pictures, Isuien Park is the right place for a vacation and photo hunting while in Nara.
  7. Known as a favorite place to visit when in Nara, Yakushiji Temple is the oldest Buddhist temple and also offers amazing views of the surroundings
  8. Not only temples, but Nara also has a national museum that displays Japanese Buddhist art, you know!
  9. Lastly, there is Shin-Yakushiji Temple which provides a peaceful atmosphere for every visitor who comes to this place

Nara is quite different because it has a lot of temples that can be visited. For those who like culture, culture, or history, perhaps the places above are “paradise”. Which is your favorite destination?