7 Unique and Cool Tours in Sussex, the City Led by Harry-Meghan

7 Unique and Cool Tours in Sussex, the City Led by Harry-Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding was the most lavish royal party of the year. The couple, who always looks romantic, immediately became the center of public attention. Everything about Harry and Markle is trending in cyberspace.

Officially, husband and wife, the two have also received new responsibilities as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The knighthoods that both of them received further aroused the curiosity of the world, how much fun the City of Sussex will be led by a couple of three different years.

Curious about Sussex too? Just take a peek at these, seven tourist charms that Harry and Meghan will further develop in the future.

  1. Petworth

A mix of stunning art, charming old streets, and historic make Petworth the quietest town in Sussex worth a visit.

Antiquities and historic art galleries can be found easily in this city. For those of you who want a vacation with a quiet rural atmosphere and cool air, Petworth should be on your first list.

  1. South Downs National Park

South Downs National Park has been officially opened to the public since 2011. Lowland landscapes with hay and farms are the main threats from the entrance.

You can witness firsthand the history of Neolithic culture. Some hills became a place to find inspiration for 19th-century poets, such as Laureate Alfred and Lord Tennyson.

  1. Amberley

Amberley is dubbed the best tourist village in Sussex with its thatched-roof and stone-walled houses. The modesty of British society will be felt in this city. The original culture of the community is still very well preserved without compromising technological developments.

In addition, you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the luxury of British royalty at Amberley Castle. The building, which has existed since the 1300s, has been transformed into an inn and restaurant.

  1. Arundel

Arundel is one of the charming towns under Prince Harry. The castle was founded in 1067 as one of the symbols of the conquest of English Normandy. Arundel is the best gathering place in Sussex with a variety of interesting attractions.

Arundel collapsed in the 1600’s civil war and was rebuilt in the 1700s. The French Gothic style of buildings that can be found in every corner of the castle is the work of renowned artist Joseph Hansom.

  1. Worthing

Worthing was a vacation spot for the rich Victorian people in the 19th century. This location was used as a gathering place for conglomerates because it was considered the most charming and strategic location to feel the hot sun with the waves of the charming British coast.

Apart from the beaches, the existence of historical buildings and community life in Worthing is also very interesting to witness in person. The village is still very beautiful, you know.

  1. Shoreham by Sea

Hearing the name alone, we can guess that this location sells beach panoramas with a fine sand-like beach in Europe. The Art Deco-style buildings along the coast are no less interesting for every tourist. Shoreham by Sea

has been a target since ancient times, it is proven that Napoleon III had targeted this city as one of the goals of the French invasion.

  1. Chichester

Chichester is the most beautiful cathedral in England, providing a captivating oasis during spring and summer. The location that keeps the history of Roman civilization in England is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, both local and foreign.

Founded in 43 AD, Chichester houses hundreds of valuable art collections that depict the life of British society in the past, as well as the role of Rome in the glory of European civilization. The best place for those of you who like historical tours while taking very romantic vintage-themed photos, is here.

After seeing the seven destinations above, it makes you even more desperate for a vacation to Sussex, right? Don’t forget to bring your loved ones.