7 Tourist Attractions in Osaka, Japan that Must Enter Your Bucket List!

7 Tourist Attractions in Osaka, Japan

Not only is Tokyo famous among foreign tourists, but Osaka is also a mandatory destination for tourists visiting Japan. Along with the increasing number of tourists who come, visits to Osaka are also increasing.

Moreover, destinations or tourist attractions in Osaka are getting louder. Some of the following tourist destinations you really must visit while on vacation there.

  1. Dotonbori

You can see the lights and rows of giant billboards when you stop by Dotonbori. Glico’s billboard featuring a male runner raising his hands is one of his favorite spots.

Not only that, you will find many shopping and culinary tourism areas there. Aesthetically lined restaurants and clothing stores, really spoil the eye.

  1. Universal Studios Japan

One of these famous amusement parks is also in Osaka. You can enjoy various rides that raise the concept of Box Office films. For example Jaws, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and Minions. You can also enjoy various interesting shows on every corner.

  1. Kaiyukan Aquarium

It feels like your vacation in Osaka is incomplete if you don’t stop by one of the largest aquariums in Japan. Say the name.

You can find millions of animal species here. Whale sharks and manta rays are so big there are there. The largest tank in the Kaiyukan Aquarium has a volume of 5,400 cubic meters and a depth of nine meters.

  1. Umeda Sky Building

Want to see the beautiful view of Osaka from a height? Stop by this Umeda Sky Building.

The building is so unique that it was selected as the 20 best architecture in the world by TIME magazine. Go up to the top floor and you will arrive at the Floating Garden Observatory. The panorama of Osaka City from the top of this 173-meter-high building will amaze you.

  1. Tempozan Ferris wheel

The location is near the Kaiyukan Aquarium. The Tempozan Ferris wheel has a height of approximately 112 meters.

Enjoying the sparkling night in Osaka from a height via a Ferris wheel will be a memorable experience. You have 15 minutes in one spin of the Ferris wheel.

  1. Hozenji Yokocho

You can feel the atmosphere of Osaka in the past when you visit Hozenji Yokocho. The distance is not so far from Dotonbori, just three minutes by foot.

Also, take the time to stop by Hozen-Ji Temple and say your wish in front of the Mizukake Fudo statue which is believed to be able to grant wishes.

  1. Mino Falls

That’s a review of the recommendations for 7 tourist attractions in Osaka, Japan that you must visit.

After enjoying the city atmosphere in Osaka, don’t forget to enjoy the natural attractions. Although it is a bit far from the city center, Mino Park can be an unforgettable holiday cover.

You need to do a little trek up the mountain to meet Mino Falls. The best time to visit this waterfall is in autumn.

Those are some recommendations for tourist attractions in Osaka, Japan, that you can add to your next holiday bucket list. Hopefully, the pandemic will end soon, and we can have a free vacation without any worries. Stay safe, guys!