7 Hidden Heavens of Nature Tourism in England, Make Fail-Proof Vacations

7 Hidden Heavens of Nature Tourism in England

After being busy with various daily routines that are quite dense and tiring, of course you need time to relax and take a vacation. Usually, some people will take advantage of it by visiting nature tourism.

So, do you want a natural tour that is cold, cool, and has fresh air? If so, maybe these 7 natural attractions in England can be your vacation reference. Come on, see the reviews below!

  1. Durdle Door, Dorset

Durdle Door is one of Britain’s most popular natural landmarks. It is also part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.

The view of the striking rock formations is most stunning from the top of the cliff and visitors can also swim under the gate in the warm summer.

  1. The Needles, Isle of Wight

The Needles is one of the most famous sights on the British coastline. This place stands out from the shore of the Isle of Wight which consists of three white jagged rocks of waves that contrast with the blue sea.

  1. Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

Cheddar Gorge is the largest gorge in all of England which of course has impressive views. The gorge divides the surrounding countryside into two parts.

This limestone gorge is over a million years old and has many interesting caves to explore with subterranean views that are just as stunning as above.

  1. Gaping Gill, Yorkshire Dales

Gaping Gill is the largest crypt in England located at the foot of Ingleborough in the Yorkshire Dales. This giant cave that offers a 31-meter-high main chamber has a very impressive view.

  1. Old Harry Rocks, Dorset

Old Harry Rocks is one of the most beautiful sights on the south coast. The entire collection of white cliffs and limestone formations is generally collectively referred to as Old Harry.

It is part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site managed by the National Trust and is located on a popular walking route.

  1. Hardraw Force, Yorkshire Dales

Harddraw Force is the highest waterfall in the UK. To reach the waterfall, visitors must pass through the Green Dragon Inn first. If you visit in winter, visitors will be presented with a view of a waterfall that freezes into ice as high as 30 meters, which is sure to impress.

  1. Malham Cove, Yorkshire Dales

Malham Cove has one of the most impressive limestone pavements in the country perched atop a towering cliff. This limestone dates back to the last Ice Age. The unusual surface attracts many people every day to visit.

Not only magnificent buildings are owned by the British, but the natural attractions are also very impressive to explore. Which caught your attention?