7 Facts about Miyagi, a Beautiful Destination in Japan that Was Hit by the Tsunami

7 Facts about Miyagi, Japan

Miyagi is one of the beautiful destinations in Japan that is rarely glimpsed by foreign tourists. This prefecture which is located on the coast has a charming natural appearance.

Besides being charming, Miyagi has a fact that the world has never forgotten, namely that he was paralyzed by the tsunami in 2011. Nine years on, Miyagi is now showing off as a fun destination in Japan.

For those of you who are interested in vacationing in Miyagi, you must first know the following seven unique facts about Miyagi.

  1. Miyagi is the land of the samurai

Date Masamune is the founder of Sendai which is none other than the capital of Miyagi Prefecture, as quoted on the All About Japan page. History also reveals that in ancient times, the Miyagi area was often ruled by samurai. That’s why Miyagi got the nickname the land of the samurai.

As reported through the Japan Guide page, samurai or bushi are Japanese warriors of premodern times. In the Edo Period, the samurai occupied the first position as the highest caste in the Land of the Rising Sun.

  1. The best destinations in Japan for fishing

Not only charming but Miyagi is also blessed with abundant marine wealth. For this reason, Miyagi is the best destination for seafood culinary lovers as well as fishing spots in Japan.

And ryori feet or oyster shells are a mainstay dish in Miyagi, as quoted on the Hisgo page.

  1. There is a village inhabited by foxes

This village reminds us of the fairy tale of the fox which is quite famous in East Asia. Zao Fox Village, its name. The village is inhabited by more than a hundred foxes. This spot makes you feel at home because you can chat directly with the adorable foxes.

Feeding and taking pictures with foxes are fun activities that tourists who visit here never miss. Quoted from the Japan Travel page, Zao Fox Village is even more perfect because it is located in the Zao Mountains which has an amazing natural panorama.

  1. Naruko Gorge is the most exotic autumn spot in Miyagi

Every place has the best time to visit. Like Naruko Gorge, for example. This exotic spot is even more beautiful to visit in spring. The colors of the autumn leaves that are ready to welcome winter are a sight that entertains the eyes. Naturally, Naruko Gorge is also the best place for photography lovers.

  1. Destinations rich in history with stunning natural scenery

In addition to the land of the samurai, Miyagi is also famous as a historically rich destination that has an incredibly beautiful landscape of mountain ranges and views of the vast Pacific Ocean.

Shiroishi Castle, Sendaijo Ato, and Osaki Hachimane Shrine are some of the historical sites in Miyagi that must be visited.

  1. Okama Crater is Miyagi’s favorite hiking spot

Still in the vicinity of the Zao Mountains, Okama Crater is a favorite hiking spot in Miyagi. The exotic Okama Crater which has a turquoise green color is an amazing sight after climbing.

  1. Zunda mochi is a famous food in Miyagi

Zunda mochi is the second culinary target for tourists after enjoying delicious Miyagi seafood dishes. Identical to having a light green color, zunda mochi is nothing but mochi coated with a sweet paste made of mashed edamame.

Although in terms of appearance less convincing to eat. Believe me, zunda mochi makes the tongue of the audience addicted.

So, those were seven interesting facts about Miyagi in Japan. Miyagi’s location is not so far from Tokyo. If you are interested in visiting Miyagi, you can take it by using the shinskansen which takes less than three hours.