7 Beautiful Tourist Places in Kobe that You Must Visit

7 Beautiful Tourist Places in Kobe, Japan

Have you ever heard of Kobe? Kobe is a city in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. You will feel the beautiful natural atmosphere when you are here. That’s because this area is flanked by mountains and the sea. Many natural attractions to culinary that are worth visiting. Want to know anything?

  1. Mount Rokko and Mount Maya

Want to see the beautiful view from the top of the mountain? You must visit Mount Rokko and Mount Maya. Here, you can see the beauty of the beautiful scenery, especially at night. And this beauty is one of the most beautiful three-night views in Japan.

  1. Nunobiki Herb Garden

Nunobiki Herbal Garden is a botanical garden in Kobe. Here you can find a variety of herbs and seasonal flowers such as tulips, roses, and lavender. You can take the cable car to visit this park. The Nunobiki Herbal Garden features a view of Kobe from above and the fragrance of a variety of herbs.

  1. Ikuta Shrine

The majestic Ikuta Shrine is indeed known as the temple of tying the knot. This temple is always crowded, because of its strategic location, especially when the new year arrives. On February 3rd, the shrine holds the Setsubun ritual, which involves throwing soybeans to ward off bad luck and invite good luck.

  1. Kazamidori no Yakata

Kazamidori no Yakata is a historic building with a western style on the outside and a Japanese feel on the inside. This building was founded in 1904 by a German merchant, named Thomas, as a residence. This red brick building is a characteristic of this area. You can see the view of the city of Kobe from the windows of the second floor of this building.

  1. Nankin Machi

Kobe Chinatown Nankin Machi is one of the three largest Chinatowns in Japan. Nankin Machi serves more than 100 stalls with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 200 meters from east to west and 100 meters from south to north. You can find a variety of culinary delights to Chinese specialties here.

  1. Sannomiya

Sannomiya can be said to be the center of Kobe city. You can find various shops, the latest fashion, handicrafts, stationery, to snacks. The uniqueness of this place is that on the streets of Sannomiya, you will find two-story buildings that are usually difficult to find in Japan.

  1. Harborland

If you want to get a unique photo spot, you have to go to Harborland. Here, you can see the Port Tower and unique monuments. Port Tower is a tower that is a symbol of this place.

Japan is never boring, right? When are you playing and eating in Kober?