6 Cool Tours in the Fisherman City of Hiroshima, Interested?

6 Cool Tours in the Fisherman City of Hiroshima, Japan

You must have heard the word Hiroshima. We know Hiroshima because it was a city that was dropped by an atomic bomb in World War II. However, now Hiroshima is better known as the city of peace. There is the Hiroshima Peace Monument in downtown Hiroshima. Apart from this monument, you have to visit some cool places in Hiroshima. Where are the Hiroshima tourist attractions that you should visit?

  1. Hiroshima Downtown

Hiroshima Downtown can be said to be the city center of Hiroshima. Here there is Hondori Street which is only used for pedestrians. Along Hondori Street, there are various shops and restaurants. When you enter this area, you will find the Hiroshima Peace, Memorial Park. Make sure you visit Hondori Street, okay?

  1. Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima has many castles, one of which is Hiroshima Castle. The castle was founded in 1589 by Mori Terumoto. Some parts of this castle had collapsed as a result of the bomb attack that hit Hiroshima during World War II, one of which was the tower. However, this castle still looks majestic and sturdy.

  1. Itsukushima Shrine

Itsukushima Shrine is located on the island of Miyajima in Hiroshima. Miyajima Island or temple island is famous for its beauty. This temple is built on the water, as well as the gate, so it looks like it floats on the water. At night, this temple looks more beautiful because of the decorated lights there.

  1. Miyajima Aquarium

Besides Itsukushima Shrine, there is the Miyajima Aquarium on Miyajima Island. Like most other aquariums, here you can see marine and freshwater fish that live on Miyajima Island, the Seto Islands, and from around the world. There is also a fairly large shellfish farm here.

  1. Glass Museum

One more attraction of Miyajima Island, there is a glass museum here. Inside, there are many games, such as a glass maze and a castle made of glass.

  1. Tomonoura

Tomonoura is a fishing town in Hiroshima. This city has also appeared in Ghibli’s animated film, Ponyo. In addition to charming sea views, this fishing town presents beautiful mountains, ancient temples, to the harbor. If you visit here, you will feel the atmosphere like in the animated film Ponyo.

Are you interested in stopping by this fishing town?