6 Cool Tourist Destinations in Nagasaki, There are Japanese Treasures!

6 Cool Tourist Destinations in Nagasaki, Japan

Storing diverse natural beauty, Japan has its uniqueness that is no less interesting than other countries in Asia. Not only are cherry blossoms popular spots, but Nagasaki City also has some beautiful and charming sights.

Looking different from other natural attractions, Nagasaki has a list of unique and affordable tourist attractions. Ranging from abandoned islands to exotic onsens, attract local tourists.

Here are the six coolest tourist destinations in Nagasaki. Anything?

  1. Gunkanjima

The former coal mine, dubbed Gunkanjima, is an interesting place to visit. Old buildings that look ancient and the surrounding natural scenery are the main attraction and an instagramable photo spot.

Gunkanjima was once an important island for the coal economy. However, in 1974, the mine ceased operations and the residents began to look for new housing and jobs elsewhere. They left their belongings just like that so that Gunkanjima became a dead island and looked worn out.

  1. Sofukuji Temple

Sofukuji Temple has the architecture from the movie Spirited Away which makes this shrine stand out from other Japanese temples. In 1629, this shrine was built for the Chinese population in Japan and is becoming more and more famous for its unique architecture.

The specialty of the Sofukuji temple is that the building was built in China and then moved and reassembled in Nagasaki. The two-story red entrance gate is the uniqueness of Sofukuji temple which means dragon palace gate.

  1. Unzen Onsen

This hidden onsen located on the slopes of Mount Unzen is a hot spring famous for its Jigoku or hell. Hot spring pools and steam vents that obscure the view will look attractive and are suitable for relaxing.

Several streams of water that reach the boiling point of this onsen can also be enjoyed by tourists. The color of the leaves that glow in autumn makes Unzen Onsen offer an exotic view from a distance.

  1. Misojien Park

Located in the mountainous area of ​​Unzen, Misojien garden is a secret garden that holds exotic natural beauty. Nature lovers must visit this park to unwind and take pictures while in Nagasaki.

The color of the leaves that light up in autumn shows the beauty of the Mount Unzen area that is pleasing to the eye. Evening shows that are held in autumn also look lively for locals and tourists alike.

  1. Nanatsugama Limestone Cave

The Nanatsugama limestone cave is an exotic place for tourists to indulge their eyes while in Nagasaki. One of these natural wonders existed 30 million years ago due to water erosion that occurred in the region.

No wonder Nanatsugama is recognized as Japan’s national natural treasure that you can enjoy from a cruise ship or explore this place on foot in the highlands.

  1. Nomozaki Nagasaki Meotoiwa

This couple stone, located in the southern part of Nagasaki city, is considered a symbol of happiness in marriage. This place is hidden in the south of Nagasaki and is appreciated for its stunning views.

Seeing the sunset will be pleasing to the eyes of nature lovers and looks stunning for photographers to capture this place.

The stunning natural beauty makes Japan a romantic country. Not only does Nagasaki which has unique tourism in Japan, but you can also visit several other cities that have natural beauty and make you feel at home enjoying it for a long time.