5 Tourist Destinations in Osaka that You Must Visit

5 Tourist Destinations in Osaka, Japan

Osaka is the second largest city after Tokyo. If Tokyo is known as a busy city that never sleeps, Osaka is very famous for its delicious variety of food. Besides being famous for its delicious food, Osaka also has many interesting places that you will lose if you don’t visit them. What’s the matter? Let’s take a peek!

  1. Tsutenkaku Tower

The tower, which was built in 1912, is located near the Shinsekai district, in Naniwaku. Tsutenkaku Tower, which is also commonly called the sky tower, is always crowded with tourists from various countries. If you go up to the 5th floor, you can see a cool view of the city of Osaka from the top of Tsutenkaku Tower.

  1. Minoh Waterfall

This 33-meter-high waterfall is located in the Minoh Park area. This place is very suitable to be visited during autumn which usually arrives around mid-November, to see the color of the leaves change very beautiful and charming. Not only are you treated to views of the waterfall, but here there are also cute monkeys ready to greet you.

  1. Osaka Castle

This is one of the famous Osaka landmarks besides Tsutenkaku Tower. The palace was built in 1586 and has gotten a lot of repairs here and there. However, this palace still has a strong charm to attract many visitors to visit it. Spring is the best time to come here. Besides being able to admire the palace architecture, you will also be greeted by cherry blossoms that are blooming in the garden area near the palace.

  1. Tennoji Zoo

The zoo is located at the southern gate of Osaka and occupies half of Tennoji Park. It is the third oldest zoo in Japan. Inside the zoo, there are 1500 animals from 300 different species, including pandas, elephants, and the only kiwi bird in Japan which is a rare species.

  1. Niponbashi Den Den Town

If there is Akihabara in Tokyo, Osaka also has a paradise for otaku aka anime fans. His name is DenDen Town. Here, there are maid cafes, and shops that sell super complete manga, to video games. Every Saturday or Sunday, there are also many cosplayers hanging around to show off at the cosplayer festival. Complete right?

So, already have a choice of places to visit first? Let’s save up to fly to Osaka soon.