5 Tourist Destinations in Herefordshire-England, Nature Captivates the Eyes!

5 Tourist Destinations in Herefordshire, England

Herefordshire is a part of England. If you are bored with the atmosphere of the city of London, then you can try to explore the beauty of Herefordshire. The area has impressive natural attractions, calming cities, to villages that have stunning charm.

Well, here is a list of recommended tourist destinations in Herefordshire that must be on your holiday list, keep scrolling!

  1. Kington

Kington is a charming city that will make you fall in love with all the beauty that is presented. There is a Kington market just off the Welsh border which is well worth a visit. The city is popular for sports such as cycling.

There are golf clubs equipped with wooden shelters to protect golfers during inclement weather conditions. Usually, tourists visit to visit the museum from April to September. They can also tour Croft Hergest Gardens from March to October.

  1. Hereford

Hereford is a picturesque town that is home to a cathedral with its majestic buildings, charming old houses, and Victorian-style machinery that is worth a visit.

The cathedral in the area has been under construction since the Middle Ages. This cathedral has a very beautiful architectural and interior building and is worth a visit. There is a Hereford Mappa Mundi on display inside the cathedral. This is a medieval vellum or calfskin map that has been around since the 1300s.

  1. Bromyard

Bromyard is a popular city for houses that have flat fronts with wooden frames. The streets in this city also have a shape like a crescent moon. Visitors will feel the sensation of staying in ancient times when they spend the night in a very old inn.

They can also visit the Ralph Court Gardens which are located on the grounds of the Gothic rectory. This park fascinates visitors because it has twelve international gardens. For visitors who love summer festivals then they can attend them at Bromyard.

  1. Pembridge

The village may be a tourist destination for visitors who want to escape for a moment from the hustle and bustle of the city. They could try to calm down in Pembridge village. This charming village is popular with beautiful hamlets such as Bearwood, Marston, and Weston.

Addition, another interesting thing is the sandstone bridge which is a beautiful attraction on the Arrow River. Visitors can also browse the very old Parish Church which was built in the twelfth century.

  1. Golden Valley

Nature lovers can be an alternative vacation for those who want to refresh their minds and kill fatigue. One of the places that can be visited is the Golden Valley. This relaxing place is in West Herefordshire, close to the River Dore.

In addition, there is gently sloping countryside that also offers an amazing panorama. Some of the popular villages in this valley area are Dorstone and Abbey Dore. Visitors can also pay a visit to Arthur’s Rock, which is an interesting tomb to visit, as it is a very old man-made structure. They should also not miss the Bacton Church built in 1578 as well as Ewyas Harold Castle and Bailey Castle in the Valley of Gold.

Herefordshire is the ideal place for those of you who want to admire nature and its amazing buildings. Are you sure you can resist his charm?