5 Tourist Attractions in Nagoya You Can Visit in Just 1 Day

5 Tourist Attractions in Nagoya, Japan

When talking about a vacation to Japan, maybe what comes to your mind is Tokyo with its Disneyland, Osaka with its Universal Studios, or even Kyoto with its nature. But do you know, apart from these three cities, there is another city with a tourist destination that is no less interesting, namely Nagoya.

Nagoya City is located in Aichi Prefecture. Many people are attracted to vacations in Nagoya because of its unique landmarks. In addition, the distance between several tourist spots is not too far from each other. In one day around Nagoya, you may be able to visit many tourist attractions at once. Some of the places below might be your itinerary for those who want to go around Nagoya all day.

  1. Nagoya Castle.

Starting from Nagoya Castle (Nagoya Castle) is one of the largest castles in Japan which was built in 1612. Since its establishment, this castle has undergone several reconstructions and renovations. But that doesn’t detract from the authentic value of this palace. One of the Nagoya Castle buildings consisting of 6 floors serves as a museum.

Each floor holds Japanese historical items from the Edo period (war equipment, ancient building interiors, ancient paintings, and more). On the 1st floor, there is a 3D theater that explains events that took place in the Edo period. On the top floor, you will be greeted by an observation deck to enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Nagoya.

In addition to the museum, the palace is also surrounded by the Ninomaru garden. There are about 2000 more cherry trees in this park. So no wonder when spring arrives, many people flock to come for a picnic in this park. Opening hours: 09.00 – 17.00 (except public holidays). Entrance fee: 500 yen or 61,000 rupiahs per person.

  1. Nagoya Science Museum and Planetarium

The Nagoya Science Museum and Planetarium was established in 2011. The museum consists of two buildings in the middle of which there is a round building, namely the planetarium which is the largest planetarium in the world. You could say this place is the most informative, especially for students.

Here you can find many interesting facts, watch many scientific exhibitions, various experiments and projections about natural phenomena, and various other things about science. The planetarium has about 450 seats in a semi-circular arrangement.

When the show is about to start the lights will be turned off. The chair will rotate backward and instantly you will be ready to see the sky (roof) filled with beautiful stars. Even though the narration uses Japanese, believe me, it will not reduce the beauty of what you are witnessing. Opening hours: 09.30– 17.00 (except public holidays). Entrance fee: museum (adults 400 yen; students 200 yen; seniors 100 yen). Museum and Planetarium (adults 800 yen; students 500 yen; seniors 200 yen).

  1. Sunshine Sakae.

For those of you who are otaku fans or entertainment from Japan, this place must be familiar. Sunshine Sakae is dedicated to those of you who like shopping and Japanese entertainment. Japanese girl group SKE48 (Nagoya version of AKB48) has its concert hall here.

However, the main reason that makes Sunshine Sakae enlivened by local and international tourists is the Sky Boat which is on the 3rd floor of this building. Here you will find the Ferris Wheel attraction with a diameter of 42 m and 28 glass gondolas. Does anyone remember the Korean drama Dream High when Suzy and Taecyeon were riding the Ferris wheel in Japan? Yes, this is the place.

The duration of this attraction is about 15 minutes for 2 rounds. If you want to come here better when the sky is a bit dark. So when you are on the Ferris wheel you can see Nagoya shrouded in beautiful LED lights. Opening hours: 09.00 – 23.00 (except national holidays). Ferris wheel ride fee: 500 yen/person.

  1. Nagoya SkyTV Tower.

This landmark was established in 1954 with a height of 180 meters and an observation deck 100 meters from ground level. Nagoya Sky TV Tower is a symbol of Sakae (Nagoya city center) and it is from this tower that 5 Japanese television stations are broadcast. This TV Tower is located in the western part of Sunshine Sakae which was discussed earlier.

Inside the TV Tower, you can find coffee shops, restaurants, and mini galleries. For those who want to see the panorama and the beautiful city layout of Nagoya as a whole while enjoying the existing TV tower facilities, you don’t need to hesitate to go to this place. Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00. Entrance fee: 700 yen (adults), 600 yen (seniors), 300 yen (students).

  1. Oasis 21.

One of the highlights of downtown Nagoya is Oasis 21. The location of the park is not far from the Nagoya TV Tower. This garden is a multi-level plant with an environmentally friendly concept. The park was opened to the public in 2002. So you don’t need to pay to enter unless you are going to restaurants and shopping at the shopping outlets around the park.

The symbol of this park is “Spaceship Aqua”. The oval-shaped building is 14 meters high with a giant glass roof with water flowing inside. Visitors can hop on and walk around the Spaceship Aqua. From above you can see the Nagoya TV Tower. This area looks even more beautiful at night because it is decorated with LED lights that change color. There is no entry fee. Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00.