5 of the British Royal Family’s Favorite Christmas Dishes, Authentic Delicious

5 of the British Royal Family’s Favorite Christmas Dishes, Authentic Delicious

Christmas has always been a special moment for Christians around the world, including the British Royal family. Like any other family, members of the British Royal family will celebrate their Christmas moments together at Sandringham Castle.

Not only the tradition of exchanging gifts, but the entire British Royal family will also eat together during the Christmas holidays. Well, because Christmas is a very special day, the dishes served during the celebration must also be special.

As reported by US Magazine, here are 5 favorite Christmas dishes of the British Royal family!

  1. Christmas cocktail

Despite his age, Queen Elizabeth II still enjoys cocktails. It is a tradition among the royal family to enjoy a cocktail on Christmas Eve.

Uniquely, each member has a different favorite drink. The late Prince Philip, for example, liked beer, while his wife preferred the gin cocktail known as Zaza.

  1. English breakfast

You might think that members of the British Royal family always eat luxurious food every day. But that thought is not always true, you know! On Christmas Day, Queen Elizabeth II and her family prefer English Breakfast as a breakfast menu.

English Breakfast itself is a traditional English breakfast menu consisting of bacon, some grilled sausages, fried eggs, and beans.

After filling the stomach, the whole family will go to church to worship.

  1. Roast turkey with vegetables

After returning from church and greeting people waiting outside the church, members of the British Royal family will enjoy a special lunch of roast turkey with vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and cabbage.

Uniquely not only members of the British Royal family eat turkey, but also the staff at Sandringham Castle. Apart from turkey and vegetables, the British Royal family also eats a salad served with shrimp or lobster.

  1. Pennies clock

Jam pennies are one of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite Christmas treats. And therefore this one snack will always be there when Christmas arrives.

Jam pennies are white bread topped with butter and strawberry jam, then shaped into the size of a penny coin.

Traditionally, this snack is served with wine. But especially for the female royal family who is pregnant, the wine will be replaced with a cup of hot tea.

  1. Christmas pudding

Just like most British citizens, Queen Elizabeth II and her family also enjoy Christmas pudding on this holiday.

Christmas pudding itself first appeared in England in the Middle Ages.

Instead of being sweet, Christmas pudding at that time was made from a mixture of meat and vegetables so that it tasted more savory. Today, Christmas pudding is made of dried fruit, candied, brandy, rum, and cinnamon mixed in a sponge cake batter.

Instead of frenzied parties, the British Royal family traditionally celebrates Christmas. The same rules apply to all Christmas dishes. The royal family almost always eats the same food at Christmas. In addition to honoring Queen Elizabeth II, they also maintain traditions that have existed for tens or even hundreds of years.