5 Fun Activities While on Vacation to Hiroshima-Japan, Makes You Feel At Home!

5 Fun Activities While on Vacation to Hiroshima-Japan, Makes You Feel At Home!

Who says that the only tourist destinations in Japan are Tokyo and Osaka? Hiroshima, which was bombed during World War II, is now a fun tourist spot. Moreover, so far Hiroshima is known as a fun vacation spot with family.

Not a shopping trip, but these five things to do during your vacation in Hiroshima. Come on, take notes for later vacation references.

  1. Tour around Peace Memorial Park

You could say, Peace Memorial Park, is an icon of the city of Hiroshima. How not, when you pass this historic building, you may not initially be interested in coming. But after turning around, you will want to go around in it.

This place is quite shady with comfortable grass to just sit around while sipping iced coffee. In addition, you are also obliged to stop by the museum to learn and find out how, about, the state of Hiroshima during the bombing period.

  1. Stroll through the sparkling night of Nagarekawa

Even though Nagarekawa looks like a street in general, who would have thought that it used to be a gathering place for artists and writers. However, over time, Negarekawa became a hub for nightlife in Hiroshima.

Here, those of you who are looking for frenetic nightlife can choose one of the many rows of bars available. It doesn’t matter if you want to eat takoyaki while sipping coffee purchased from the nearest vending machines. After all, it tastes just as good!

  1. Play with rabbits on Rabbit Island

Bring your children or nephews to Hiroshima together? Don’t forget to stop by Okunoshima or also known as Rabbit Island. It’s not too far from Hiroshima, so you have to stop by!

As the name implies, here you will find lots of wild but fat rabbits that are friendly to visitors. Reportedly, on this island there are at least more than 1,000 rabbits, you know. However, even if there are a lot of them, you are not allowed to take the rabbits and take them home. If it’s just to give you food, that’s fine.

  1. Watch a baseball game with the locals

If you have a hobby of watching baseball, don’t miss the opportunity to watch a baseball game live in Hiroshima. Moreover, this city is home to one of the biggest clubs in Japan, Hiroshina Toyo Carp.

Usually, the match will be held at the Zoom-zoom MAZDA Stadium and you will get an unforgettable baseball experience. Apart from watching baseball, you can also shop for souvenirs with the Hiroshina Toyo Carp club or other clubs. So much fun!

  1. Hang out at a Rilakkuma-themed cafe

Good news! In Hiroshima there is already a cute cafe with the Rilakkuma cartoon theme, you know. The location of this adorable cafe is not too far from the ferry port and Itshukusima shrine. So, you can go straight here after boarding the ship.

The food served is also not arbitrary. They serve Hiroshima specialties combined with cute Rilakkuma motifs. Want to shop for souvenirs? In this cafe too!

Seeing the five to-do lists in Hiroshima just now makes me even more sure, yes, that Japan is a country that you must visit at least once in your life. Not only in Osaka or Tokyo, but Hiroshima can also offer fun things for you. So, when are you going on vacation?