5 Free Places to Visit in Sapporo, Japan. Guaranteed Savings!

5 Free Places to Visit in Sapporo, Japan

As a normal human being who also needs a vacation, once a year going abroad is not a problem. Between tired deadlines and superior demands, let’s pick up your backpack and take a short vacation!

But it’s not the only way because everything needs careful planning, including the budget. Well, Japan was asked to be a great vacation destination in 2018. Various types of promos from these travel agents can’t be missed.

The tickets are in hand so that the holidays are more economical and there are still savings going home, this is a free tourist spot that you can visit in Sapporo, Japan, which is cool. Guaranteed not to regret it!

  1. Akarenga Building

Government buildings in Sapporo are always full of visitors. Contains various historical collections that are sure to make your walks more fun and knowledgeable.

  1. Sapporo Station

This train station is one with entertainment venues and a mall which of course spoils those of you who want to look for souvenirs. Calm down, the place is spacious, and have fun. There’s Daimaru, a 100 yen convenience store that won’t break your pocket.

  1. Sapporo Snow Festival

The Snow Festival, which opens this winter, is a destination that you must visit. Located in the city center, a snow festival that presents various sculptures from ice and dancers’ performances as well as entertainment that is guaranteed to be fun, your budget vacation will be worth it!

  1. Odori Park

Odori Park is where the Sapporo Snow Festival is held. Well, for those of you who come in summer or spring, this garden is decorated with various beautiful flowers. It’s fun to take photos!

  1. Hokkaido University

This cute campus would be awesome in the spring. Just look at the color of the leaves that refresh the eyes, who doesn’t fall in love? Even though it is located in the campus area, it is a tourist destination that is worth a visit, you know. Let all of you be attracted to go to school there?

So, how have you been inspired to spend time on vacation in Sapporo in Japan? Guaranteed you feel at home and certainly will save a lot.