5 Beautiful Shrines You Can Visit While in Tokyo

5 Beautiful Shrines You Can Visit While in Tokyo, Japan

As we know, Japan is a country that has many unique and interesting natural attractions. Even so, Japan is not only beautiful by its natural scenery, you know. Therefore, it is not surprising that this country has become a favorite destination for foreign tourists, including Indonesia.

In addition to natural attractions, there is much architectural beauty in classical buildings that will fascinate you. Well, if you are still confused about choosing a tourist location in Japan, Tokyo can be your destination choice. The following are some of the iconic temples in the city of Tokyo.

  1. Sensoji Temple

In the city of Tokyo, the Sensoji temple is one of the most crowded temples. The interesting thing in this temple is the existence of a giant lantern with a height of 4 meters and a weight of up to 700 kg. This giant lantern has long been an icon of Sensoji Temple.

Still, in the temple area, there is a traditional market area called Nakamise Street. While in this area, you can explore the temple area while wearing a kimono just like other visitors.

  1. Meiji Shrine

This shrine was built to be dedicated to emperor Meiji and his wife. Meiji Shrine is perfect for those of you who want to vacation in a quiet place because this shrine is located in the forest.

Even though it is in the forest, this temple is far from scary. You can find many interesting photo spots, such as giant wooden gates, sake barrels, and wine barrels that you can see while walking around the temple area.

  1. Zojoji Temple

This shrine may be a favorite photo spot in the city of Tokyo. This is because Zojoji Temple has a stunning view of the Tokyo Tower behind the temple. If you happen to want to visit Tokyo Tower, you can all come here.

Having a classic building surrounded by a modern feel, this temple is increasingly recognized by the world community after being the setting for the 2013 film X-Men: The Wolfrine. This shrine is perfect for you to stop by while in Tokyo.

  1. Hie Shrine

For travelers who are in Tokyo, this temple is worth a visit. Hie Shrine is dominated by an orange color that is no less beautiful than other temples in Japan.

In this shrine, there are many religious writings in Japanese. People in the city of Tokyo often make this shrine a place of worship and a place to hold a traditional Japanese wedding, which is usually called Shinzen Shiki.

  1. Gotokuji Temple

The many cat statues that adorn the temple area make Gotokuji Temple the most unique temple in Tokyo. This cat statue is named “Manekineko” which is believed by the Japanese to be a symbol of good luck.

Japanese people generally buy Manekineko at Gotokuji temple while making a wish. When the wish is fulfilled, they will return the Manekineko cat statue to the temple.

The five temples mentioned above are beautiful temples located in the city of Tokyo. Apart from being used as places of worship, it turns out that these temples are also used as tourist destinations for tourists. While in Tokyo, there is nothing wrong if you take the time to visit these temples.