10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions Recommendations in Yokohama

10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions Recommendations in Yokohama, Japan

Most tourists dream of having an exciting vacation in Japan. This Sakura country has thousands of interesting tourist destinations to explore. You don’t just have to be in Tokyo or Kyoto, you can also go to other cities, such as Yokohama.

Known as a business and economic center, Yokohama is the prefectural capital of Kanagawa. This city is the second largest city in Japan after Tokyo. You can make a trip, here are some recommendations for hits in Yokohama.

  1. Enjoying the view of Yokohama Bay Bridge will be fun. The 860-meter-long bridge is always illuminated by lights at night. Very aesthetic, huh!
  2. Chinatown in Yokohama is not much different from other Chinatowns. You can shop for various daily necessities and taste a variety of Japanese specialties
  3. It’s really fun to relax in the Dockyard Garden while watching the light show. There are at least 70 thousand light bulbs neatly arranged here, avoid coming in winter, OK!
  4. Want to learn the history of shipping in Japan? Stop by the Yokohama Port Museum. One of the famous ships on display is the Hikawa Maru, the entry is only 100 yen, which really
  5. The Sky Garden at the Landmark Tower is the most appropriate location to see the Yokohama landscape from a height. You can see the beautiful harbor city decorated with tall buildings from here
  6. In spring, roses will bloom in Yamashita Park. You can enjoy its beauty accompanied by the sunset and the ships that come to Tokyo Bay
  7. Yokohama Cosmo World is perfect for you to visit at night. Playing roller coasters and giant Ferris wheel will challenge your adrenaline
  8. Akarenga Soko is a brick warehouse that is protected because of its historical value. Even though it’s only a warehouse, this place looks very aesthetic, so it’s perfect for a photo spot
  9. Yokohama Hakkeijima Aquarium contains a captivating collection of underwater animals. You will be presented with views of the sea and some adorable animal attractions
  10. The Cup Noodles Museum is unique with its wide collection of instant noodles. You can learn history and decorate instant noodle cups according to your taste

Those are some recommendations for exciting tourist attractions in Yokohama, Japan, which can be your vacation reference. Which destination catches your eye the most?