5 Villages in England with Fairy Tale Atmosphere, Amazing!

5 Villages in England with Fairy Tale Atmosphere, Amazing!

We can find beauty in every corner of England. Magnificent buildings, beautiful gardens, and their history are very interesting to explore.

In addition to urban areas, rural areas are no less charming, you know. As if you were transported to a fairy tale, English villages are filled with centuries-old classic-style cottages with cobblestone streets and half-timbered buildings.

Each village has something unique to offer. Not surprisingly, the English countryside is the birthplace of the inspiration for many fairy tales and children’s stories. Here are five of the most beautiful villages in England that must be on your itinerary.

  1. Castle Combe (Wiltshire, England)

Castle Combe is a village in the Costwold area of ​​northwest Wiltshire. This village is often called The Most Beautiful Village in England ‘because of its extraordinary natural beauty.

The village has a rich history and the houses are made of the honey-colored Costwold stone, the village’s specialty. Castle Combe is also often used as a shooting location for films, such as The Wolf Man, Stardust, and Stephen Spielberg’s War Horse.

To enjoy the view, you can walk along with the village to the bridge. Here you can buy sweets, cakes made by the locals, or a bunch of flowers from outside their house.

  1. Minster Lovell (Oxfordshire, England)

One of the prettiest villages in Oxfordshire, Minster Lovell sits on the quiet Windrush river a few miles west of Witney. This beautiful village of Cotswold stone and thatched roofs are known as the ruins of a 15th-century hall belonging to generations of the Lovell Family.

In 1708, workers discovered a secret room containing two skeletons. The discovery was in the form of a skeleton of a man sitting at a table with a dog’s legs on it. Legend has it that it was Francais Lovell who hid his secret.

Even so, the village is now an impressive ancient monument with a beautiful romantic setting between the Windrush rivers. So want to come here.

  1. Snowshill (Gloucestershire, England)

Snowshill Village sits atop the slopes above Broadway, Buckland, and Laverton Villages. This is a secluded village where many ancient cottages and 19th-century churches gather around a small green field.

There is an ancient street called Buckle Street through the parish and Snowshill Manor. There’s also the National Trust, a beautiful building in Snowshill with beautiful gardens inside and out. The manor house was designed by Charles Wade.

  1. Polperro (Cornwall, England)

Known as a fishing village on the southeast coast of Cornish, Polperro has earned the nickname one of Cornwell’s most beautiful coastal villages. Located between Looe and Fowey, Polperro Harbor is framed by cliffs.

Old stone huts line the narrow winding streets of Polperro, so the line seems to branch from all directions. Polperro hosted a fishing community for about 700 years and it still survives today.

Polperro has good facilities with lots of cafes, gift shops, galleries, sweets shops, and other small general stores. Thanks to its beauty, Polperro is popular with local artists.

  1. Betws-y-Coed (Cowny County Borough, Wales)

Located in the picturesque Cowny Valley, the village of Betws-y-coed is surrounded by stunning Welsh scenery. To see the best landscape in this village, you can visit one of the popular Fairy Glen shows.

The thin gorge features a small waterfall fed by the Cowny River. From here, walk along the forest trail to Swallows Falls. This spectacular waterfall tumbles across dark rocks before pouring into a pond.

The five charms of the English countryside above are very drugs, right? The charm is like being on vacation to a fairy tale. If given a chance, which village would you visit first? Write in the comments column, yes!