5 Attractions in Carlisle, England, dominated by historical buildings

5 Attractions in Carlisle, England

Not only big cities like London, Manchester, to Liverpool, England also has several small cities that are suitable to accompany your staycation in Queen Elizabeth’s Country. One such city is Carlisle.

The city of Carlisle is located in the northwest of England or the region of Cumbria and directly borders Scotland. In addition, the city is famous for its many interesting historical objects to visit. Approximately, what are the attractions in Carlisle? Here’s the information.

  1. Carlisle Castle

Over 900 years old, Carlisle Castle has witnessed the various periods of history that Britain has been through. The location of the castle is close to the Scottish border, making it one of the buildings that are often involved in a war.

This castle has now become a historical heritage site managed by the British Heritage Institute or commonly called English Heritage. Inside there is a military museum that collects several items related to the war in England.

  1. Carlisle Cathedral

Carlisle Cathedral was once a small monastery that was later converted into a cathedral in the mid-11th century. Carlisle Cathedral itself is the smallest ancient cathedral in Queen Elizabeth’s Country which is wrapped in British Gothic architecture.

The cathedral is 73 meters long and 43 meters wide. The interior of the cathedral will make anyone who enters will be amazed. The original glass still dating from the Middle Ages makes it the oldest well-preserved building.

  1. Hadrian’s Wall

As the most popular world heritage site in Carlisle, of course, Hadrian’s Wall is the main destination in this city. This historic wall was built in 122 AD by about 15,000 Romans in approximately 6 years.

This wall demarcated Roman Britain and Caledonia. With a length of 117 kilometers, Hadrian’s Wall divides England and passes through several cities, one of which is Carlisle. Around the walls, several Roman sites are no less interesting.

  1. Birdoswald Roman Fort

Birdoswald Roman Fort is one of the main forts on Hadrian’s Wall which offers views of the Irthing valley. In the past, it was used as a very major defense system for around 1000’s Roman troops.

Not only historical sites are the main attraction, but Birdoswald Roman Fort also has several cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops. Even in the fort, 39 rooms can be rented if you want to spend the night here.

  1. Settle-Carlisle Railway

The Settle-Carlisle Railway is the main railway line that became the last rail project in the UK. Built-in 1876 by the Midland Railroad Company, this railway line is arguably the most beautiful in the United Kingdom as it passes through many stunning landscapes.

To enjoy this route, you can take a steam train specifically for tourism from Appleby station. You will be transported through 21 bridges and 14 amazing medieval tunnels. Of course, this is an experience that you must try.

Some of the attractions in Carlisle must be on your holiday menu when visiting England someday. Especially if you don’t like the hustle and bustle of crowded cities, Carlisle is perfect for you!