10 Best Camping Locations in England, the Panorama is Super Beautiful!

10 Best Camping Locations in England, the Panorama is Super Beautiful!

England is a country that is famous for the beauty of its cities that are thick with classic nuances. London, Liverpool, and Manchester are examples of favorite tourist destinations. Who would have thought, that England is also rich in natural beauty, you know.

For travelers with an adventurous spirit who like camping, England is also the right country to go to. Many campsites in this country are surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. Some are located on the banks of rivers, on the coast, and in the middle of the mountains. Let’s take a look at ten interesting campsites in England to visit below.

  1. Cleadale

Located in the Inner Hebrides on Egg Island, Cleadale is one of our favorite camping spots. The vast lawn is by the sea with majestic views of the Rum Mountains.

The beauty of Cleadale has successfully inspired the author of Lord of The Rings in creating landscapes, you know. You will often hear and see the sights and sounds of chirping birds flying from the cliffs.

  1. Cornish Tipi

Cornish Tipi is a camping ground in Cornwall that is also often used as a wedding location. The meadows are surrounded by forest areas on the shores of a clear lake. You can also take a boat to get around the lake.

You can explore a 20-hectare forest to meet various wild animals. Romantic outdoor wedding parties can be held here. There are wooden pavilions and boho-style tents that complement the beauty of Cornish Tipi.

  1. Top of the Woods

This campground is surrounded by jungle and overlooks Pembrokeshire Coast, National Park. The uniqueness of Top of the Woods lies in the dome-shaped tents called natural domes.

This 6.3-meter diameter glass dome room is covered with wooden floors and is equipped with a mattress, table, chairs, and stove. Watch the swifts flying over the meadows every morning. Bats milling about at night is a beautiful sight.

  1. Caolasnacon

Located on the shores of Scotland’s Lake Leven, Caolasnacon is also framed by the snowcapped Mamores Mountains and Glen Coe. You can take a canoe to go around the lake and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

A group of otters came out of the bushes at night and played by the lake. The eagle flying proudly over the lake will be your sight when you wake up in the morning. Sounds fun, right?

  1. Kiedler

The view of the night sky is the highlight of Kiedler Village. The location of camp which is located in Northumberland International Dark Sky Park is perfect for stargazing.

The campsite is located about three miles from the border with Scotland. The forest that surrounds Kiedler creates a cool atmosphere. The river flowing in the middle of the meadow broke the silence.

  1. Aberafon

Aberafon is a camping ground located on the shores of the North Wales Sea, on the Llyn Peninsula. You can stroll on the beach, explore the rock pools, or surf and swim in the ocean.

Love climbing? You can do this at Aberafon because it is located at the foot of the 1,500-foot Gyrn Goch Mountains. There is also a river that is much visited for fishing.

  1. Trwyn yr Wylfa

This campground was named the best by Popular Choice Wales 2018. Located in Snowdonia National Park, Trwyn yr Wylfa has 10 hectares of land surrounded by sea and mountains.

Watch the sailing boats glide through the sea or the sheep and ponies scurrying through the mountains. Having been open since 1940, this camp location is also close to the coast of the North Wales Sea complete with beaches, you know!

  1. Sleningford Watermill

Situated on the banks of the Ure River, the Sleningford Watermill is a 14-acre camping site that has been open since 1973. Living side by side with wildlife is an exciting experience when camping at the Sleningford Watermill.

You can do cycling, canoeing, and fishing here. You can also explore the grassland full of beautiful wild plants.

  1. Swattesfield

A vast expanse of grass field was separated in two by a small lake in the middle. Swattesfield is located in the Suffolk area. You can follow the Thornham Walks trail to arrive at the village of Thornham Magna.

Dense forests frame Swattesfield and provide a sense of coolness. In addition, there are pizza oven facilities that are made by hand with makeshift ingredients, you know. Suitable for making pizza and eating with friends, here.

  1. Bankhouse Farm

Bank House Farm is a campground in the Peak District, Staffordshire to be exact. Standing on the banks of the Manifold River, this place is suitable for those of you who like to ride.

You can cycle the eight-mile Manifold Way to the bustling Staffordshire village. If you walk, you can find Thors Cave which offers a charming hillside view.

Lighting a bonfire, relaxing in the meadows, and enjoying the beauty of England’s nature sounds great, doesn’t it? You can also make one of the camping sites above your next tourist destination in England.