Come on, Vacation to 5 Beautiful & Historic Places in the City of Bristol, England

Come on, Vacation to 5 Beautiful & Historic Places in the City of Bristol, England

Bristol is a city located in southwest England, This city is a port city, which flourished in the 17th century and is connected by the Bristol port. To reach it from the city of London can be traveled a distance of 2 hours 30 minutes by train.

If you have plans to visit the city of Bristol, this is a place that can be a reference.

  1. Ashton Court

It is a palace located within the Ashton Court Estate complex. This place since the 11th century has been the residence of British royalty. In World War I this place was used as a military hospital while in World War II this place was used as a military camp. Currently, this place is managed by the Bristol government and is used as a tourist spot.

  1. Queen Square

This place is a city park located in the center of Bristol. This 2.4-hectare park was built in 1699 and was originally named Town Marsh. Then in 1727 in honor of Queen Anne, this park changed its name to Queen Square.

This place has many historical buildings including the Statue of William III (center of the park), Custom House (north), Port Authority Office, and Sailors Refuge as well as 20th-century buildings (east) and 18th-century buildings (west).

  1. Brandon Hill

It is a park hill that is located not far from the center of Bristol, at the top of this hill there is also the Cabot Tower which is one of the icons of the city of Bristol. This place was built to celebrate the 400th anniversary of John Cabot’s voyage from Bristol to Newfoundland.

In 1625 this place was opened as a green open space and city park. There is a nature reserve where we can see wildflower gardens, ponds, and butterfly statues.

  1. Bristol Harbor

Bristol Harbor is the center of the harbor in the city of Bristol. Located right on the bank of the Avon river, the water level is relatively stable because it is not influenced by the tides. Previously this place was used as a port for cargo and unloading ships, but now this place has become a tourist attraction. Every July this place hosts a ship festival, the Bristol Harbor Festival.

  1. Blaise Halmet

This place is a residential cottage consisting of a green garden. There are 9 cottages equipped with chimneys and some of them have thatched roofs. However, of the nine cottages, only one is rented out to tourists, namely, Rose Cottage.

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