6 Must-Visit Places When Traveling to Nottingham, England

6 Must-Visit Places When Traveling to Nottingham, United Kingdom

Nottingham is a city located in the eastern part of mainland England. If from the city of London can be traveled with a distance of 3 hours 40 minutes by train. Nottingham also has good tourist attractions and must be visited.

Here are 6 must-visit places when in Nottingham.

  1. Nottingham Castle

This castle has been around since 1674. It was formerly the main place for kings and queens in carrying out their state duties, now this castle has been taken by experts by the Nottingham government and used as a tourist spot.

In this castle, we can also see a statue of Robin Hood, a thief but the stolen goods are used to help the poor. This place is open from 10 am to 4 pm.

  1. The Lace Market Square

Formerly this place was the center of the lace industry during the British Empire, now this place is a protected cultural heritage. In this place available hotels, bars, clubs, shops, etc. Here we can visit the National Justice Museum, Adams Building, and Barker Gate House.

  1. Green’s Windmill and Science Museum

This place is a wind energy museum that is still active. In this place, we can see how wheat can be turned into flour using wind energy. We can also test our brain power through experiments through electricity, magnetism, and light.

The museum is open from 10 am to 4 pm and admission is free.

  1. Old Market Square

This place is the square of the city of Nottingham and at the same time the largest square in England. This place often hosts events such as big local events, exhibitions, and concerts. In this place, we can see ”The Lions”(white lion statue), Fountains, and Speaker’s Corner.

  1. Wollaton Park

This place is a city hit in Nottingham. In this forest, we are spoiled with beautiful views including shady trees and clear lake water. In this forest, we can see various animals such as deer, birds, and geese. When winter this forest turns white because it is filled with snow.

  1. City of Caves Nottingham

At first, this place was known as ”Tiggua Cobauc” which means a cave. This cave consists of a network of caves that function as a place to store people’s belongings and also function as a place of protection from air attacks. The cave ended operations in late 1940. It is open from 10 am to 5 pm.

So you are interested in including Nottingham as your holiday destination?