5 Recommended Fun Tours in Liverpool-England, Guaranteed to be Cool!

5 Recommended Fun Tours in Liverpool-England, UK

What do you think of when you hear the word, Liverpool? It leads directly to one of the top football clubs which is very famous for its various championship titles. Yes, it is Liverpool FC or commonly nicknamed The Reds.

Besides being known for its legendary football club, Liverpool is also rich in interesting tourist destinations and very fun to visit. Some tourist attractions in the city of Liverpool are highly recommended for you to visit. Anything?

  1. Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool is one of the most popular places and must be visited while on vacation in Liverpool. This area has many tourist destinations ranging from museums, cafes, and various shops that look quite authentic.

Designed by Jesse Hartley and Philip Hardwick, Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock opened in 1846 and became the first building in England to be constructed of cast iron, brick, and stone.

  1. The Beatles Story

Who doesn’t know The Beatles? This very famous legendary band comes from Liverpool. And in this city, there is a museum created to commemorate the works and tell the history of The Beatles.

The Beatles Story itself presents the childhood journey of each member of this band, including some important moments in their lives. From this museum, fans are invited to reminisce about songs that hit at that time.

  1. Sefton Park

The hustle and bustle of the very busy city of Liverpool might make you a little uncomfortable. However, you can look for other tourist alternatives that can certainly make you feel a little fresher. You can find this at Sefton Park.

This park, located south of Liverpool city center, provides a green space that can refresh the eyes. Having an area of ​​235 hectares, Sefton Park also has a lake that you can use as a fun fishing spot.

  1. Royal Liver Building

Opened in 1911, the Royal Liver Building, which is an icon of the city of Liverpool, is a magnificent building that formerly served as an office for the Liverpool insurance agency.

Now, this historic building has always been an area that offers instagramable photo spots and is a sign for most tourists that they have visited the city of Liverpool.

  1. Anfield

Maybe some people come to this city just to watch Liverpool FC matches or just to see the legendary Anfield stadium. It is really real and exists.

The manager of Anfield Stadium promises an exciting activity called the LFC Stadium Tour where visitors will be invited to tour the stadium to see the historic collection of the Liverpool FC club. In addition, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy epic city views from the highest floor of the stadium.

Those are five tourist recommendations in the city of Liverpool which is famous for being very fun. As one of the historic cities in England, Liverpool is indeed a worthy destination when on vacation to Europe. How, interesting to visit right?