5 Favorite Historic Destinations in York City, England

5 Favorite Historic Destinations in York City, England

York is a small town in North Yorkshire, England, founded in 71 and built by the Romans. York City is a city that has many historical buildings with architectural designs that are so charming and elegant.

Even though the city of York is not so wide compared to other cities, you will still be fascinated when you see a row of buildings and a very beautiful atmosphere. Instead of being curious, let’s look at five tourist attractions in York that feature buildings with ancient designs that are so distinctive!

  1. York Minster

This cathedral was built in the 13th century and is used as a center of worship for Christians because it is the largest church in northern England. According to history, this church was built in the Gothic style after the successful construction of the Saxons and Normans.

The cathedral which is a historic building has an amazing architectural style considering that this building was built hundreds of years ago. On the walls, it looks very neat with an intricate carving style. Plus the towering tower makes York Minster always a spot for taking pictures.

  1. Castle Howard

Castle Howard is one of the most impressive castles in England. The design of the building is so majestic and located in the middle of a garden that is so wide, making this building a must-visit spot in York. Interestingly, there is a fountain that makes the atmosphere look beautiful. According to history, Castle Howard was owned by a member of the workforce, you know.

  1. York Palace Museum

This museum is a historic place that stores the history and civilization that occurred during the Light Ages in York. For those of you who want to vacation in York and want to study, this museum is an interesting choice. Apart from that, there is no doubt that with the ancient but still luxurious building design, this museum is suitable as a photo spot.

  1. Clifford Tower

Before the establishment of Clifford Tower, this building was historically a mound with a wooden structure that was a statement of territory. Over time, William, who was a conqueror of the region, built the mound into the Clifford Tower and served as the seat of government.

This building looks attractive with its strong and towering walls. Although it is ancient the quality of this building is still very good.

  1. River Ouse

The beauty of the city of York is complemented by the calm flowing Ouse river. Enjoying the city of York while exploring the streets near the Ouse river can be used as a reference for healing. Plus the river which is beautified with a row of beautiful buildings makes the atmosphere even more pleasant. When visiting York, don’t forget to stop by the Ouse river for a beautiful view.

Tourism and buildings in the city of York are indeed thick with history, yes. Plus the architectural design is so neat that the city of York is called a beautiful old city, agree?