5 Best Aquarium Tours in the UK, Have a Complete Fish Collection!

5 Best Aquarium Tours in the UK, Have a Complete Fish Collection!

England offers a variety of interesting places of entertainment for foreign and domestic tourists. One of the most exciting destinations that you should visit while in England is the stunning aquarium tour.

You can see and observe various species of fish of various shapes and sizes. Found in several major cities in England such as Plymouth, Birmingham, and London. Here are the five most popular aquarium tours in the UK, as follows.

  1. National Marine Aquarium

On vacation to Plymouth, don’t forget to invite your family members to visit the National Marine Aquarium. As reported by the Dayoutinengland page, this place stores hundreds of species of fish and several other marine animals. In addition, there is an aquarium called The Atlantic Ocean display which is the largest aquarium tank in the UK.

With a water capacity of 2.5 million liters, various species of fish can freely swim here and there. In addition, the display in the aquarium is made to resemble a marine ecosystem filled with colorful corals.

  1. Sea Life Brighton

Sea Life Brighton has been named the oldest aquarium in the world which was first opened in 1872. However, this place has been renovated several times to add supporting facilities to support the comfort of the visitors. Various species of fish from around the world are present at Sea Life Brighton ranging from small to giant with a variety of shapes.

The main attraction of Sea Life Brighton is that there are many interesting performance spaces such as walk-through rainforests, home to frogs, and glass bottom boats.

  1. National Sea Life Center

Among the many aquariums in the UK, the National Sea Life Center is one of the best and most visited. Various interesting activities can be done at the National Sea Life Center, from walking through a giant aquarium tunnel to walking on ice floes.

In addition to exhibiting various marine animals, there are also several types of penguins that can freely walk and even breed in this place. The National Sea Life Center is located in Birmingham and is a favorite tourist attraction in the city.

  1. Blue Planet Aquarium

The main attraction of the Blue Planet Aquarium is that this place collects various species of sharks in the world and is the most complete on the European continent. Through the underwater tunnel, you can see various species of sharks ranging from tiger sharks, guitar sharks, black fin sharks, and others.

You can also see other unique wildlife such as crocodiles, frogs, and many more. Apart from being a tourist spot, Blue Planet Aquarium is used as a research center.

  1. Sea Life London Center Aquarium

As the capital of the United Kingdom, the city of London certainly has a mainstay aquarium tour, namely the Sea Life London Center Aquarium. As reported by the Kevsbest page, visitors will be able to feel an atmosphere similar to an underwater ecosystem with beautiful coral reefs and many colorful fish species swimming. Sea Life London Center Aquarium is divided into three performance spaces including ocean invaders, coral kingdom, and rainforest adventure.

Well, those are some of the best aquarium destinations in the UK. With various interesting shows that are served, aquarium tours are very suitable to be visited with the family.