The 10 Best Beaches in Morocco Suitable for Surfers

The 10 Best Beaches in Morocco Suitable for Surfer

Morocco is better known for its cultural tourism, but Morocco also has the potential for its natural beauty. One of the natural beauty of Morocco is its beaches. The beaches attract many European tourists to come to visit for a vacation. They usually vacation with the whole family.

Beaches in Morocco are beaches that are in great demand by surfers. Its pristine and windswept beaches are the ideal beach for them. Apart from surfers, beaches in Morocco are famous as family vacation spots. The following are some beaches in Morocco that you can visit for surfing or on vacation with your family.

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  1. Legzira Beach

Location: Sidi Ifni, Morocco
Operating Hours: 24 Hours
HTM: Free

Legzira Beach is a unique beach and is famous for its giant rock arches. In the past, there were two arches, but in 2016 one arch collapsed. The remaining arches are in danger of being destroyed by seawater erosion. You can visit this arch at low tide, but you have to be careful when the tide comes.

Legzira Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. The setting sun emitted a reddish glow around the stone arch. Another beauty of Legzira Beach is its secluded place so you will feel comfortable and calm enjoying the beach. This beach with golden sand has become a favorite place for surfers.

  1. Agadir Beach

Location: Agadir 80090, Morocco

Agadir Beach is located on the south Atlantic coast and is famous as a resort town. For decades this beach has been the choice of many Europeans for vacations. That’s because this beach is friendly for families as well as the price is quite affordable. In addition, the beach can be visited at any time, because the weather is always sunny throughout the year.

In the past, Agadir was a small fishing town that has now been transformed into a modern city with a blend of European and Moroccan architecture. The city was destroyed by an earthquake before being rebuilt as it is today. Now Agadir is a bustling city with restaurants, cafes, and all the facilities that make a beach vacation very comfortable.

  1. Oualidia Beach

Location: Oualidia 24252, Morocco

Ouadilia is a lagoon that is a popular tourist destination among Moroccans, but not very well known to foreign tourists. This village in the lagoon offers a quieter beach than the one facing the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is calm with a wild and unspoiled coastline with blue waters.

Ouadalia’s calm beaches make it a perfect place for a vacation with family members including children. The beach is alluring with golden sandy parlors and crescent-like shapes. This beach will usually be crowded when the holiday month arrives, namely in the month between July and August. If you want to be calmer, come after the holiday season is over.

  1. Paradise Beach Kaf Lahmam

Location: Asilah, Morocco

Paradise Beach Kaf Lahmam or also known as Las Cuevas is about 6km from the old fortified town of Asilah to the south. The beach is located on a circular cliff and is also steep. The path to the beach is not easy because it is steep and dusty. This beach is also a beach that is crowded with residents when the holiday month arrives.

This beach offers fresh food caught by the fishermen. You can enjoy their catch by relaxing on a free beach umbrella. If you want to explore the coastline, you can ride a horse or train, apart from walking of course. This beach can also be enjoyed by people who like to surf.

  1. Essaouira Beach

Location: Essaouira, Morocco
Essaouira Beach is a beach located in the historic ancient city of Eessouira. The town of Essaouira is a fortified old town by nature in the form of a seaside, 18th-century brass cannon. Essaouira Beach has golden sand beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see.

This beach is a suitable place for surfers because the beach is windy. Apart from surfing, this beach is comfortable to use for a leisurely walk like in a park. In addition to the beach, the harbor in Essaouira is also a unique photo spot with boats made of blue-leaning wood.

  1. Sidi Kaouki Beach

Location: 86X2+MVX, Sidi Kaouki 44125, Morocco
Operating Hours: 24 hours

Sidi Kaouki Beach is located in the south of the city of Essaouira, the beach is famous for surfing activities because it has big waves. The beach is still natural so it is comfortable to use as a vacation spot by relaxing on a hammock. But you still have to be careful the waves can be very big and strong.

If you can’t swim or surf you can walk along the beach or rent a horse and camel. If in winter you can see flamingos which are usually near the estuary, that’s if you are lucky.

  1. Dragon Beach

Location: Dakhla, Morocco

Between the Sahara desert and the Atlantic Ocean, there is a unique desert island, it is because the shape of this island resembles a dragon. Dragon is an uninhabited island. Here all you find is desert, bushes, and a turquoise lagoon that looks charming with views of the Atlantic ocean.

This beach is a suitable place for water sports activities. One type of water sport that the island is famous for is kite surfing. The sport of kitesurfing even holds its annual competition on this island. So if you are interested, you can take the time to enter the competition.

  1. Dalia Beach

Location: Route de Fnidek, Tangier 90000, Morocco
Dalia Beach is a beach located in northern Morocco. Precisely not far from the coastal city of Tangier. Dalia Beach is a beach that is quite popular among local Moroccans. A beach is an option for a vacation with family. Dalia Beach which has white sand and clear water makes it a beach that can be enjoyed together with children.

On this beach, you can see the boats passing by from the Strait of Gibraltar. The beach is dotted with mountainous landscapes. This beach feels crowded in summer. But apart from that season, the beach feels calmer. It will be very nice to enjoy a quiet beach by watching the sun go down slowly.

  1. Imsouane Beach

Location: Imsouane, Morocco
Imsouane Beach is in a small fishing town of the same name. The beach is known as a great surfing destination. Despite being famous, people’s lives still maintain the traditional side of the industry. The fish market is quite lively and well known among the locals.

Imsouane has two beaches, namely Imsouane Beach and Imsouane 2 Beach. Both are the best beaches in Morocco. The beach has clear turquoise water with golden sand beaches. Imsouane Beach is also very clean from garbage and household waste because it is always monitored by the community and local authorities.

  1. Monica Beach

Location: Mohammedia, Morocco

Monica Beach is a beach with golden white sand located on the northern outskirts of Casablanca. Monica Beach is known as an ideal beach for surfing, although the rocks scattered on the shoreline are quite difficult. But for surfers, this makes them confident to try challenging things.

Monica Beach is less crowded, you could say it is much quieter because the beach is better known to residents but less well known to foreign tourists. The beach is also quite clean. In addition, this beach is located close to the city of Casablanca so it is possible to visit it after relaxing on Monica beach.

Well, now you know that Morocco also has beautiful beaches for you to visit. The golden sand of the beach and the clear and turquoise water are the main attraction. In addition, the beach is almost always sunny throughout the year.

Beaches in Morocco are a paradise for surfers. Many beaches are destinations for surfers. That’s because the beach is windy and the waves are good. Which beach do you find attractive? Which one would you like to visit from this beach in Africa?