10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Brazil That Can Be a Vacation Choice

10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Brazil That Can Be a Vacation Choice

When you hear beaches in Brazil, what comes to mind is Iapanema Beach or the famous Copacabana Beach. Brazil has many beaches that are no less beautiful than Ipanema and Copacabana. The beauty of this beach in Brazil will certainly make people amazed.

The beaches in Brazil also have a sandy coastline and some of the beaches are on small islands. Exotic Brazilian beaches will not disappoint those who visit them. The following are some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil that are interesting for you to try to visit.

  1. Baia do Sancho Beach – Fernando de Noronha . Island

Location: Fernando de Noronha Island, Pernambuco, Brazil
Opening Hours: 06.00-18.00
HTM: 65 R$-130 R$

Baia do Sancho Beach is one of the best beaches in Brazil among about 2000 beaches in Brazil. This beach is located in a volcanic archipelago which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a world heritage site, there are no facilities built so that the beaches are kept natural. The beach is part of a National Park.

This beach is amazingly beautiful with clear turquoise sea water and is home to marine life such as turtles, dolphins, and also various species of fish. The view from the beach is also very stunning with soft sand. The thing to remember is to get to this beach you have to do a bit of climbing to get there.

  1. Praia Ilha do Campeche Beach – Santa Catarina

Location: Campeche Island, Florianópolis , Santa Catarina, Brazil
Opening Hours: 09.00-12.30
Boat Rental: 70 R$-120 R$

Florianópolis in the state of Santa Catarina is located on the coast of Praia Ilha do Campeche. The beach is on a small island that must be reached by boat. This beach has beautiful white sand and clear turquoise sea water.

Praia Ilha do Campeche Beach has a spot that can be used for snorkeling, which is located at the west end and is rocky and you don’t need a boat to get there. The beach is marked with buoys for areas that can be used for swimming. The beach can only be visited by 800 people in one day.

  1. Praia de Pipa Beach – Rio Grande do Norte

Location: Tibau do Sul, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Praia de Pipa Beach is a favorite beach for residents and is not well known by foreign tourists. It is close to a Christmas fishing village on the Rio Grande do Norte. The beach has a beautiful landscape of a steep pink cliff with forest, and a dune blended with greenery.

In the past, Pipa was a fishing village until around the 1970s, when it was discovered by surfers and backpackers and turned into a tourist destination. The beach has clear water and fine white sand. This place is suitable for surfers because the waves are big, so you need to be careful.

  1. Porto de Galinhas Beach – Pernambuco

Location: Ipojuca, Pernambuco, Brazil
Porto de Galinhas Beach was originally a fishing village but has now become the most beautiful beach. The beach has pools formed by coral reefs which make it a great spot for swimming and snorkeling. In addition, the marine life that lives there makes the place even more exotic.

Although the pool of coral reefs is safe for swimming, you have to be careful because sometimes there are strong ocean currents. On the main beach, you can find restaurants and food stalls. But there are also parts of the beach that are still undeveloped so you can find a place to relax.

  1. Maragogi Beach – Alagoas

Location: Maragogi, Alagoas, Brazil
Maragogi is a beach with the largest barrier reef in Brazil. The barrier reef on Maragogi Beach makes the waves not too big so the beach is much calmer with clear water. At low tide, this beach will make pools which are named Galés.

Maragogi Beach is in the northeast of Brazil, where it must be accessed by boat. It is about six kilometers from the busier main beach. Maragogi Beach with calm waters is suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and diving among the coral reefs.

  1. Taipus de Fora – Bahia

Location: Marau, Bahia, Brazil
Taipus de Fora Beach is located on the Marau peninsula, in Bahia, the beach is known as the best spot in Brazil for snorkeling and diving. In addition, this beautiful beach has turquoise sea water and fine sand, which makes this beach a favorite for tourists. The underwater beauty is also an interesting point. The beauty from under the sea on this beach is also not to be missed. Its abundant underwater life is interesting to explore. At low tide, this beach will produce ponds containing colorful fish. You can also enjoy this beach by camping, which is not far from the beach with beautiful views.

  1. Lagoinha do Leste Beach – Santa Catarina

Location: Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Lagoinha do Leste Beach is on the southern tip of Florianopolis Island, a beach that is still untouched by human hands. This wild beach has the stunning beauty of densely forested mountains and is characterized by steep rocks. The beach faces the Atlantic Ocean so it has strong waves that surfers like.

The beach can only be accessed in two ways, the first is that you can access Lagoinha beach by boat. The second way is to hike for an hour with one to two trails that must be passed. The fatigue of the trip will be paid off by the beauty of the beach and the landscape that surrounds it.

  1. Lopes Mendes Beach – Ilha Grande

Location: Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, located on the island of Ilha Grande off the coast of the state of Rio de Janeniro. Where this beach is located in a rainforest that is home to a variety of endangered species. The beach is surrounded by almond trees and palm trees.

This most beautiful beach has golden sand with a very soft texture. The beach extends for about three kilometers along the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The beauty of this beach is not only the long and golden sand of the beach, but because the landscape is still natural and charming.

  1. Praia da Forno Beach – Santa Catarina

Location: Arraial do Cabo, Santa Catarina, Brazil
This beach is located in a bay called Arraial do Cabo. The beach is on a green hillside. The beach is beautiful with white sand and clear turquoise sea water. You can access this beach by going through the path or if you have more funds you can use a boat to go to the beach.

The place is suitable for you to use on vacation with family. You can enjoy the beach by snorkeling or diving to enjoy the underwater beauty. Although the location of the beach is difficult to access, you can still enjoy the seafood served by some restaurants and also a variety of food served by several stalls.

  1. Praia do Espelho Beach – Bahia

Location: Porto Seguru, Bahia, Brazil

Praia do Espelho Beach is a beach located on the southern coast of Brazil, which is between Transcoco and Caraiva. The beach is quite difficult to access, so this beach is not too crowded to visit.

The place is suitable for people who seek tranquility by enjoying the clear beach water that can reflect the sun’s rays from the pools.

The beach extends to the south with views of palm forests growing at the bottom of the cliffs. The place is still rarely visited does not mean there is no place to just look for snacks and soft drinks. It’s just that you need to be careful because the price is quite draining the wallet.

Those are some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Most of these beaches may not be well known among foreign tourists. Some are still hidden because access to the beach is quite difficult, so it is still rarely known. The pristine beaches offer the natural beauty of the exotic Brazilian coast with all its wildness.

Even so, the beaches still attract tourists to visit even though access is still quite difficult and has not been developed as a tourist destination by the government.

The beaches, which are rarely visited by visitors, are interesting to visit for people who want to find a place to be alone and find peace. Which beach would you like to visit in Brazil?