10 Famous Italian Beaches That Amaze Many Tourists

10 Famous Italian Beaches That Amaze Many Tourists

Apart from being a country known for football and fashion, Italy is also home to beautiful beaches. Italy’s famous beaches have crystal clear waters with spectacular views.

Some of these beaches are easily accessible, some are quite crowded at the height of summer, which is around August. At that time Italians and foreigners would visit the beach.

In summer, spending the day at the beach is the best thing to do in Italy. If you want to know how beautiful the beaches in Italy are, read on for the following article review.

  1. Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa, Sicily

Address: 92010 Lampedusa e Linosa, AG, Italy
Opening hours: 08.30 – 19.30
HTM: Free

Spiaggia dei Conigli di Lampedusa is a famous beach in Italy that has topaz-colored sea water and bays that are nestled within a gently sloping and rocky coastline. This is a special place that always succeeds in attracting visitors with its extraordinary natural beauty.

This beach has the nickname ‘rabbit beach’ and is located in a nature reserve on the remote island of Lampedusa, in southern Sicily. Every year the loggerhead turtles return here to lay their eggs in the warm sand. At night, the beach is closed to allow the turtles to return safely. This beach is one of the best in the world, but getting it is not easy.

To get to La Spiaggia dei Conigli visitors have to travel a distance of two kilometers up and down rocks, but the fatigue will be paid off by swimming in crystal clear water. This beach is frequented by tourists and sun lovers and those who wish to swim can also do so in the sparkling shallow waters and snorkel to see turtles.

  1. Spiaggia Arienzo, Coastal Amalfi

Address: Via Arienzo, 34, 84017 Positano
HTM: Free

Getting down to this beach requires 300 steps, that’s why this tempting stretch of sand has earned the nickname 300 Step Beach. On the way to the stone steps, visitors will witness the stunning views of Amalfi.

They would pass through sunny mimosas and fragrant bougainvillea bushes before finally reaching the bay below. Once they arrive, they will see rows of sun loungers and umbrellas neatly set against a backdrop of towering cliffs. If you are too tired to walk, visitors can choose a short boat ride from Marina Grande.

There is also a beach club called the Bagni d’Arienzo Beach Club. This place provided sunbeds and umbrellas for visitors. In addition, they can also enjoy some typical Amalfi Coast foods. All the food on the menu is seafood.

  1. Cala Goloritzé

Address: near Baunei, Province of Ogliastra, Eastern Sardinia, Italy
Opening hours: 07.30-15.00
HTM: 6 euros

Cala Goloritzé is in Sardinia, south of Cala Biriola. This famous beach in Italy is a small beach that has soft sand and limestone cliffs. In this region, Cala Goloritzé is a beautiful beach and one of the most photogenic beaches. To get here you can take a car or boat.

But to get to Cala Goloritzé, visitors have to hike from the nearest road to the beach which takes about 90 minutes. Don’t forget to bring snorkeling equipment because the water here is very clear.

This place seems to be one of the best beaches in all of Sardinia for snorkeling. So do not be surprised if in 1995 this place was included in the list of UNESCO sites.

  1. La Pelosa, Stintino

Address: 07040 Stintino Province in Sassari, Italy
HTM: 3.5 euros

La Pelosa Beach has a shallow sea with translucent water because it is clear with ivory-colored sand. This secluded Sardinian paradise is located just off the small village of Stintino, in Capo Falcone. La Pelosa is 300 meters long and can compete with some of the beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

It is a popular place among locals to spend the holidays with family or friends. Here there is a 16th-century watchtower named Torre della Pelosa. The tower is used to defend the island and is located on a rock jutting into the sea.

Among divers, the tower is quite popular and is an iconic landmark along this part of the coast. During summer, make sure to arrive early as it will be very crowded due to its beauty.

  1. Tropea Beach

Address: 89861 Tropea, Province of Vibo Valentia, Italy
HTM: Free

Tropea is famous for its dramatic cliffside sites and spectacular sunsets. This beach is in Prontorio di Tropea and stretches from Nicotera in the south to Pizzo in the north. This coastline has views that alternate between dramatic cliffs and soft sandy beaches. In addition, the seawater of this beach is transparent because it is clear. This beautiful beach is named after the city and sits just below a series of colorful buildings. The building is perched on a cliff.

No wonder in the summer crowds of Italian tourists will flock to this beach. If you hear people speaking English, it’s probably Americans visiting relatives. In the early 20th century a large number of people tried to find a better life by going to America.

  1. Isola Bella, Sicily

Address: located in a small bay on the Ionian Sea
HTM: 4 euros

The name of this beach translates as ‘beautiful island.’ Isola Bella is located off the coast of Sicily and this beach is part of the Taormina region. Isola until the 1990s was privately owned.

In addition, this place is also home to several species of birds. Now this place is a protected site with its beautiful nature.

This beach is quite a small place. Getting to this place can be reached by cable car from Sicily. Not only that, this beach provides a good opportunity for visitors to enjoy the view of the island from above.

Popular with sunbathers, Isola Bella Beach has soft sand with small stones and pebbles so visitors should wear flip-flops until they get here. Vendors and cafes selling drinks are here.

In addition, there are also sun loungers and umbrellas available for rent. There are various choices of activities that can be done, such as snorkeling, diving, or taking a boat to nearby caves.

  1. Fetovaia Beach

Address: 57034 Campo nell’Elba, Province of Livorno, Italy
Fetovaia on the southwest side of Elba Island is one of the most recommended beaches to visit on the island. This beach is surrounded by stunning natural beauty in the form of golden sand with a background of granite cliffs.

The color of the water is unique, grading from dark blue to light green, and continues to rise to the white sand at the edge of the water. Everything will give a second sensation. The length of this beach is about 200 meters with the widest point of about 40 meters.

This beach has fine gold granite sand. Fetovaia is protected by a steep headland (Punta Fetovaia) and covered by Mediterranean shrubs that stretch for about 800 meters. The turquoise waters of this beach are quite shallow and always very calm.

Because of its uniqueness and natural beauty, this beach is often visited by tourists. In addition, Fetovaia also has several baths. This beach is perfect for families who come with small children.

  1. Cala Rossa, Favignana, Sicily

Address: 91023 Favignana, Trapani Province,
HTM: Free

This beach is on the beautiful Favignana Island. Cala Rossa is the type of beach that will not be easily forgotten. Its beauty is stunning with turquoise waters combined with rusty red rocks.

Cala Rossa doesn’t have white sand, but the rock formations look attractive, making it a great place to bathe in the sun. At certain times, the beach can be very crowded, so be sure to arrive early for more privacy and space.

To jump over rocks, make sure to wear shoes. Because the water is clear, this beach is suitable for snorkeling. Visitors can see the fish that are on the rocks.

  1. Chia Beach

Address: 09010 Domus de Maria, Southern Sardinia, Italy
Not far from Cagliari, on the southern coast of Sardinia, Chia Beach is considered by many to be one of the best beaches in Italy. The beach is protected from the wind because behind it are dunes and juniper trees. This is a popular beach among locals as well as surfers.

The waters are turquoise and the sand is golden. The lagoon behind Chia beach is an important breeding ground for several marine animals, such as the flamingos and dolphins who are regular visitors to the bay.

Chia Beach is also popular as a place to see wildlife so it is perfect for a family vacation spot with children.

  1. Marasusa Beach, Tropea, Calabria

Address: Unnamed Road, 89861 Parghelia VV, Italy
Located in the Calabrian city of Tropea, Marasusa Beach is located along ‘La Costa degli Dei,’ or Beach of the Gods. This very beautiful place has a calm sea and clean sand and is surrounded by beautiful cliffs.

Marasusa is a cool and calm beach with transparent water. Even though there are waves, swimming here is still safe. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling, rent a boat, or just sit and sip a cold drink at one of the bars.

The city also has a selection of cafes, shops, and restaurants serving delicious food to enjoy after a relaxing day at the beach.

Those are the ten famous beaches in Italy that have stunning beauty with transparent waters and golden sand. Some of these beaches are in places that are difficult to reach but are still crowded with tourists.

So if you travel to Italy, make sure not to miss the beauty of its beaches. After getting tired of vacationing in the city, you can go to the beach. Which beach would you like to visit?