10 Famous Beaches in Ireland that are No Less Beautiful

10 Famous Beaches in Ireland that are No Less Beautiful

Ireland to some may be known as a tourist destination for its beautiful medieval castles, verdant meadows, and roaming sheep. They can’t possibly think that this country has beautiful beaches like beaches in countries like the Maldives, Bahamas, Indonesia, Philippines, or Thailand.

Although Ireland does not have sunny weather like these countries, it turns out that some of Ireland’s famous beaches have a beautiful appearance with soft sand combined with green cliffs. To answer your curiosity about the beauty of the beaches in Ireland, let’s look at the following review! Guaranteed you will be surprised.

  1. Keem Bay, Achill Island

Address: at the western end of Achill. Island
Opening hours: 24 hours
HTM: Free

Keem Bay or Keem Bay stands high on the beach with golden sand looking out over the clear blue water. People might think this is a beach in Thailand. However, upon seeing the green cliffs surrounding this little-traveled cove, one will immediately think of Ireland.

Of the five Blue Flag certified beaches on Achill Island, Keem Bay is a secluded paradise. The location is tucked away on the western tip of the island, just off the town of Dooagh.

When strolling along the sand in this bay, especially at sunset, people will not think that this is one of the most famous beaches in Ireland.

  1. Portsalon Beach

Address: Drum, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Opening hours: 24 hours
HTM: Free

Also known as the Ballymastocker Strand, the magnificent Portsalon Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Ireland. Portsalon in Donegal was chosen as the second most beautiful beach in the world, thus attracting visitors from afar to visit. Golden sand stretches along the bay.

This beach also has green hills and coastal towns located at both ends of the beach. The views of the Inishowen Peninsula are unmatched. Want to see an amazing view? Come in the afternoon to watch the stunning sunset from the top of the dunes.

  1. Inchydoney Beach, County Cork

Address: P85 AT27, 51, Inchydoney Island, Inchydoney, Co. Cork, Ireland
Opening hours: 24 hours
HTM: Free

This southern Irish coast is one of the best the island has to offer. Inchydoney beach is free of rocks and debris and has soft white sand making it perfect for those who want to walk around barefoot. To be able to explore this beach to the crystal clear waters, come at low tide.

Inchydoney has considered one of the Blue Flag certified beaches in Ireland. This means that this beach has been certified by the Environmental Education Foundation which promotes environmental awareness and sustainable development. Blue Flag also means this beach is an area where the water and beaches are clean and safe.

For beginners who want to surf, the waves at this fantastic beach in Cork are perfect. Also ideal for more experienced surfers. During peak season, this beach is guarded by many lifeguards on duty to ensure the safety of visitors.

  1. Trawmore Bay, Achill Island, County Mayo

Address: Trawmore Strand, Keel, Achill, Co. Mayo, Ireland

In Ireland, some beaches are Blue Flag certified, one of which is this beautiful Trawmore Bay. This beach is formed by 4 km of golden sand that lies between Keel and Dookinelly Villages located on the west coast of Achill Island.

Although not as famous as Keem Bay which is only 3 km away, this mixture of sand and shingle is a beauty in itself. This beach is popular with bodyboarders and surfers who want to test their skills on the Atlantic waves.

Swimmers should stay on the west end (Keel) because elsewhere the current is very strong. Trawmore is also Ireland’s most photographed beach, especially from the point of view of the Minaun Cliffs at the east end of the coast.

This cliff rises to a height of about 466m and is the perfect place to see the beach at its best.

  1. Silver Strand Beach, County Donegal

Address: Malin Beg, Glencolumbkille, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Opening hours: 24 hours

In Donegal, there is a beautiful paradise. This miracle takes the form of a crescent moon that opens out onto the crystal clear turquoise water. On both sides, there are dramatic cliffs and mesmerizing waterfalls that can make visitors feel at peace.

Silver Strand Beach is safe and shallow so it is very popular with tourists who come with families. If they come with young children in the summer, there will be lifeguards here to watch over their children. Apart from summer, Silver Strand, which is located in a small village called Malin Beg, is empty of visitors. For a romantic getaway, come in April or May. At that time the air may still be cold, but this beach will be quiet from the crowd.

  1. Murder Hole Beach, Donegal

Address: On the north coast of Donegal, Ireland
Opening hours: 24 hours

Hearing his name maybe anyone will feel spooky. However, this beach in Donegal is one of the beaches worth visiting. Murder Hole is the nickname for this hidden but spectacular beach. The beach is formed of rock formations with golden sand and is located at the northern tip of the Rosguill Peninsula.

It is said to derive the name ‘Murder Hole’ from the North Atlantic Ocean which is famous for its strong currents and windsculpted basins on its rocky coastline.

To reach the beach, visitors must traverse a vast field, but the effort will be well worth the stunning views that await there. Come at low tide for more access to the beach.

  1. Dog’s Bay, County Galway

Address: Ervallagh, Roundstone, Co. Galway, Ireland
Opening hours: 24 hours
HTM: free
Phone: +353 91 509 510

This beach in Galway is shaped like a horseshoe. For those who love the beach, this place is a must-visit. Dog’s Bay is located opposite Guerteen Bay, which is equally beautiful and not far from the road to Clifden.

These two beaches are located close to each other within a few minutes’ drive. It is also a short walk from the village of Roundstone.

The well-protected Dog’s Bay makes this beach one of the best places for swimming and safe water sports on the island. Visitors can kite surfing or windsurfing. Another beauty is that the water along this stretch of beach which is approximately 1.6 kilometers long is clean and very clear.

If you look at the sand, the sand in Dog’s bay is not formed by rocks but comes from the small shells of a type of sea creature called forminifera. Therefore the sand is very soft and white.

In summer, wildflowers will grow in the middle of the grass known as machair vegetation. This green plant is considered rare and only exists on the west coast of Ireland.

  1. Coumeenoole, County Kerry

Address: Coumeenoole North, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Opening hours: 24 hours

The Dingle Peninsula has Ireland’s most famous beaches. One of them is Coumeenoole which is on Slea Head Drive near Dingle. On a sunny morning, the turquoise sea water looks like a tropical sea as it hits the beach with golden sand.

Low tide is the best time to come to this beach because the area to explore is wider and visitors can also get closer to the impressive jagged cliffs nearby. Kitesurfers and windsurfers love this place. So even though it is not as crowded as the beaches in Southeast Asia, visitors will not feel alone because of their presence.

That said, this secluded beach fortified by cliffs on top offers a very safe and serene beach experience.

Because it is protected by cliffs, this beach is a safe place to be visited by families who come with children. Many visitors say they can spend hours here.

  1. Killiney Beach, County Dublin

Address: Killiney, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Opening hours: 24 hours

This beach is one of the beaches on the southern outskirts of Dublin in Killiney. Killiney is a long, rocky beach and is home to some of the biggest celebrities like Bono from U2 and Enya. The beach has sweeping views of Killiney Bay, which is said to bear some resemblance to the Bay of Naples.

Killiney is popular with hikers, swimmers, and families who come on holiday. On a sunny day, this beach is visited by many tourists. The best way to enjoy Dublin’s beaches is on foot from end to end.

  1. Ballyquin Beach, Ardmore, County Waterford

Address: Pebble Beach, Ballyquin, Ardmore, Co. Waterford, Ireland

This very secluded beach is located about 5 km northeast of the popular seaside town of Ardmore. The beach is in the shape of a beautiful white sandy arch and on the east bank is a tidal rock pool. Bellyqueen is frequented by locals who come here for an early morning swim.

At night, this beach is a great place for surf fishing, which is the sport of catching fish while standing on the shoreline or wading through the waves. Residents will cast their fishing rods in hopes of catching flatfish or sea bass.

It turns out that Ireland is not only known for its castles and cliffs that often appear in video clips, but this country also has beautiful beaches. Ireland’s most famous beaches are generally adjacent to beautiful green cliffs.

So next time you visit Ireland, don’t forget to visit its beaches. Is there a beach that makes you want to visit it?