10 Tourist Attractions in Brunei Darussalam that You Must Visit

10 Tourist Attractions in Brunei Darussalam that You Must Visit

Brunei Darussalam is part of a country in Southeast Asia that is famous for its prosperity, it is proven that this country is listed as the fifth richest country out of 182 countries because it has vast oil and natural gas fields.

Although it is the smallest country in Southeast Asia and very famous for its discipline in carrying out Islamic law, Brunei Darussalam has tourist attractions that are always crowded and you must visit when you come here. Want to know what tourist attractions are in Brunei Darussalam? Come on, follow the reviews!

  1. Palace of Nurul Iman

If in Indonesia we know the Bogor Palace, the country also has a palace, namely the Nurul Iman Palace which was founded in 1984 on an area of ​​200,000 m2. Even the residence of the sultan of Brunei has been named the largest palace in the world according to the Guinness World Record.

The palace is located at Jalan Minister Besar Seri Begawan and every corner of the palace building is covered in gold with very luxurious facilities consisting of 1,788 rooms, 257 bathrooms, 18 elevators, and a mosque. If you want to enter the palace, make sure to come during Eid because the palace will be open to the public for three days.

Address : Jl. Minister of the Great, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

Operation: 24 hours

Entrance ticket: free

  1. Kampong Ayer

The next tourist spot is Kampong Ayer, which is located very close to the Nurul Iman Palace, and has been around for hundreds of years and has even been the capital of Brunei Darussalam. It was named Kampong Ayer or Air because the buildings here were built on water and still maintain their ancestral culture.

This tour, which is located at Jalan Mc Arthur, even though it was built on water, has very modern facilities and equipment. To get around Kampong Ayer you can rent a boat for one hour, and later the boat captain will tell you many things about the history of Kampong Ayer.

Address : Jl. Mc Arthur, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

Operation: 09.00 – 17.00 local time

Entrance ticket: BND 1 (1 Brunei dollar)

  1. Tasek Lama Recretional Park

If you like nature tourism and want to know about natural tourism in Brunei, you can come to Tasek Lama Recretional Park which is a tourist spot that has the most beautiful waterfalls and has always been the main destination for foreign and local tourists.

Here you can walk through the forest while enjoying the view of the forest and the fresh air, many come to just unwind, especially since the location is not far from the city center and of course, entering here is free, you know.

Address : Jalan Tasek Lama, Bandar Seri Begawan

Operation: 08.00 – 18.00 local time

Entrance ticket: free

  1. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

Brunei Darussalam is famous for its religious tourism, one of which is the famous mosque, namely the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, and has become an icon in this Muslim-majority country which is often visited by foreign and local tourists.

Its distinctive feature is the dome made of pure gold, and it is located on the banks of the Brunei Kampong Ayer river. The beautiful lights of the mosque will light up at night so that it adds to the beauty of the mosque, to come here make sure you dress modestly, and of course other than Muslims can also visit this place.

Address: Jl. McArthur, Bandar Seri Begawan

Operation: 08.00 – 17.30 local time

Entrance ticket: free

  1. Royal Regalia Museum

A next place is a historical place, namely the Royal Regalia Museum. Here you can see various collections of the royal Brunei Darussalam from time to time and can also see gifts from neighboring countries given by the kingdom.

In addition, there is the history of Brunei Darussalam which can add to your insight, to come here it is forbidden to take photos and all items are stored in lockers, special footwear is also provided to enter this museum.

Address : Jl. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien, Bandar Seri Begawan BS8611, Brunei

Operation: 09.00 – 17.00 local time

Entrance ticket: free

Phone number : +673 224 4545

  1. Ulu Temburong National Park

The next tourist spot is Ulu Temburong National Park, which is a natural tour suitable for those of you who like adventure, you can find various kinds of flora and fauna here and there is a waterfall that is no less beautiful.

Being the first national park in Brunei, this place is always crowded with visitors, there are many activities you can do here, one of which is camping, night jungle walks, kayaking, and rafting. For those of you who want to come here, it is recommended that you come here during the dry season, if you come during the rainy season it will be quite disturbing for your trip to Ulu Temburong National Park.

Address : Jl. Batang Duri, Ulu Temborong National Park Brunei Darussalam

Operation: 08.00-18.00

Phone number : +673 884 5695

  1. Malay Technology Museum

Historical tourist attractions besides the Royal Regalia Museum, there is also another place, namely the Malay Technology Museum which was founded in 1988, to get to this place you can take a taxi because few public transportations pass through this tourist spot.

In this museum, you can see the life history of the Malays who live in Brunei, and display ancient items such as metal and gold carpentry, fishing, boat building, and so on.

Address : Simpang 482, Kampung Batu City, Brunei

Operation : 09.00 – 17.00

Entrance ticket: free

Phone number : +673 224 4545

  1. One Billionth Barrel Monument

The next place is the One Billionth Barrel Monument, here you can see a little history of oil and gas in Brunei. Construction of the monument itself to commemorate the one billion barrels that have been produced at the Serial Oil Field.

This tourist spot is visited by many foreign and local tourists, especially in the late afternoon the scenery is very good coupled with the beauty of the sunset in the South China Sea, there are also many photo spots suitable for instagramable people.

Address: Seria, Brunei

Operation: 24 hours

Entrance ticket: free

  1. Teng Yun Temple

In addition to many mosque tours, here there is also a Teng Yun Temple which is on the side of the Bandar Sri Begawan road, the building is very striking because it is located among other tall buildings with a red color that makes people interested to come here.

This place is perfect for taking good photos, other than that you only need to spend 2 Brunei dollars to take incense and pray there. The establishment of this pagoda is proof that Brunei is also a country that upholds religious tolerance.

Address : Jl. Kianggeh River, Bandar Seri Begawan BS8111, Brunei

Operation: 24 hours

Entrance ticket: BND 2 (2 Brunei dollars)

  1. Gadong Night Market

The last place you must visit is Gadong Night Market which is a famous shopping and culinary destination in Brunei, after being tired of traveling around Brunei, it’s a good idea to fill your stomach here.

Many snacks and special foods are sold here and the prices are very affordable, one of the foods is nasi lemak, honey chicken, fried rice to seafood that is no less delicious. The taste is almost the same as in Indonesia, so it fits your tongue.

Address : Simpang 37, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Operational : 15.00 – 22.00

Entrance ticket: free

Those are 10 tourist attractions in Brunei Darussalam that are visited by many foreign and local tourists, if you want to feel typical Brunei snacks you can come to Gadong Night Market, guaranteed to make you addicted. Prepare your budget and free time from now on to vacation in this country.