10 of Brunei’s most delicious and must-try specialties

10 of Brunei’s most delicious and must-try specialties

Do you believe that Brunei Darussalam has some special foods that are similar to dishes in the archipelago? Naturally, Brunei has similarities in terms of typical food. The reason is, that the location of this country is still on the island of Borneo, precisely on the north coast of the island of Borneo. So, more or less typical Indonesian food must have influenced the cuisine in Brunei as well.

Curious about some Brunei specialties? Indeed, not all the specialties there are the same as dishes from the archipelago. However, these delicious Brunei foods can certainly be accepted by the tongue of the Indonesian people.

  1. Ambuyat

If you’ve previously eaten papeda from Maluku or Papua, you can eat Brunei’s ambuyat. The reason is, that ambuyat and papeda have a similar texture and taste. Ambuyat is also made from sago flour.

What distinguishes ambuyat and papeda is the side dish. If papeda is served with fish, ambuyat is served with mango sauce or chili sauce. However, you can still add other side dishes, such as fish, shrimp, or stir-fried vegetables when eating this ambuyat.

  1. Rice Katok

Malaysia has Nasi Lemak, Indonesia has Nasi Rames, and Brunei has Nasi Katok. Yes, this katok rice is a typical Brunei “mixed rice” that tastes kicking. Once you try Nasi Katok, you are guaranteed to be addicted.

Nasi katok contains white rice served with fried chicken and chili sauce. It’s simple, isn’t it? But the pleasure is incomparable, you know! The fried chicken is also seasoned with special Brunei spices so it tastes more savory. You can find food menus that are very familiar to the people of Brunei in street stalls to restaurants in the country.

  1. Grilled Pulut

One of the specialties of Brunei whose name is similar to a typical Indonesian cake is roasted pulut. Although the names have the same, the appearance and taste are different. You must try this roasted pulut if you are in Brunei Darussalam.

Pulut roasted is made from glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk and salt. Then, this glutinous rice is filled with dried shrimp or seasoned fish. This sticky rice dough will later be wrapped in banana leaves, then burned over coals until it emits a fragrant aroma. This roasted Pulut is better eaten warm.

  1. Buyah’s Heart

Do you like to eat beef offal? Brunei also has a special food made from cow innards, you know, the name is liver buyah. This dish is made from cooked beef lungs and is seasoned with soy sauce and a mixture of other spices. This buyah liver does not smell fishy if the processor cooks it longer with the spices used.

Hati buyah is available in two flavors, namely sweet (not spicy) and very spicy. If you like spicy food, Keluyuran advises you to choose a spicy variant so that it tastes better. At street food stalls, buyah’s liver is usually stabbed with a skewer. This food can also be eaten with warm white rice.

  1. Bamboo Chicken

Your visit to Brunei is incomplete without trying bamboo chicken. This is chicken cooked with spices in bamboo that is approximately a meter long. Chicken that has been cut into pieces must be salted first, then put in the bamboo with spices. Next, the bamboo will be placed over the coals until the chicken inside is cooked.

The aroma released by this bamboo chicken is appetizing. Especially if the chicken is cooked, there is a plate of warm white rice that is also served to enjoy this bamboo chicken. Hmm .. delicious that can not be denied!

  1. Soto Brunei

Not only Indonesia, which has soto as its specialty, but Brunei also has it, you know. Soto Brunei is a very fresh soup dish. Although the soto sauce is not thick yellow like typical Indonesian soto, it is fresh and tasty.

The stuffing of Soto Brunei consists of beef, shredded chicken, hard-boiled eggs, and a type of vermicelli or noodles. It’s not hard to find this soto in the country. You can eat this delicious Soto Brunei in food stalls scattered in the city center.

  1. Kuih Baulu

No stranger to the appearance of this cake? Yes, kuih bahulu is a type of cake that can also be found easily in Indonesia and Malaysia. So, it’s only natural if you feel familiar with this one cake.

Kuih bahulu is made from wheat flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs, and vanilla. This cake is very delicious when consumed when it is freshly cooked, while still warm. To enjoy this kueh bahulu, you should first make a cup of tea or coffee as a companion to eat this delicious Brunei cake.

  1. Eel

As a Muslim country, of course, Brunei serves a lot of halal food, one of which is belutak. This food is not made from pork like the sausages that are usually sold in Bali. Belutak is made from beef which is processed traditionally so that the taste is very distinctive.

In contrast to sausages in general, belutak has a slightly sour taste due to the mixture of spices used. You can eat this belutak whole or cut into pieces and cooked along with the addition of other spices.

  1. Kelupis

You can find this mouthwatering sweet snack in Malaysia. However, when you have visited Brunei, then you can eat this cake in that country. So, what are the ingredients used to make kelupis?

Kelupis is made from glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk. Then, the cooked glutinous rice will be wrapped in nyirik leaves, then steamed until cooked. The tourists who come to Brunei really like this cake, you know. Especially if the tourists are from Indonesia, they will like cakes that do have a ‘friendly’ taste with the tongue of the Indonesian people.

  1. Brunei Fried Noodles

Mie Goreng is a food that can be found in almost all countries in Asia. However, every country must have its unique spices and ways of processing its special fried noodles. When you visit Brunei Darussalam, you must taste the fried noodles that are sold at street vendors in the country.

Why do Brunei’s fried noodles offer such a unique taste? The reason is, that this noodle is cooked with a lot of chili sauce and oyster sauce. So, for those of you who like to eat spicy food, this Bruneian fried noodle will suit your taste buds.

Come on, take notes and taste these 10 Brunei specialties. Although some of the types of food are familiar with Indonesian food, these Brunei specialties offer a different taste that will allow you to get a new culinary experiment.