10 Interesting Facts about the State of Brunei Darussalam

10 Interesting Facts about the State of Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam is a country in Southeast Asia. This neighboring country Indonesia is a country with a majority Muslim population. Brunei Darussalam is a country that has a lot of uniqueness.

Besides being known for the beauty of its mosques, this country with an absolute monarchy Islamic Unity government system is also known for the friendliness of its people. If you are interested in traveling to Brunei, you must know interesting facts about the country of Brunei Darussalam. What are the unique things there? Check out the following review!

  1. Richest Country in ASEAN

Brunei Darussalam is one of the richest countries located in Southeast Asia. The source of wealth of the Islamic State is known to come from oil and natural gas reserves.

Brunei Darussalam is recorded to have a wealth of around 28 billion US dollars or equivalent to Rp. 411 trillion. This figure is predicted to exceed Queen Elizabeth’s wealth in England, even up to 50 times.

The country whose capital is Bandar Seri Begawan is known to have a fairly high national income, reaching US$ 71,802 or equivalent to Rp. 1.050 billion. With this number, it is not wrong if then Brunei is called the country with the highest life expectancy in the ASEAN region.

  1. Providing Free Education and Medical Guarantee

At a time when people’s lives in several countries in the world are in quite a worrying condition. The people of Brunei Darussalam themselves are quite lucky. Considering that the state government led by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah guarantees the welfare of its people very well.

It can be felt directly by residents with guaranteed education and medical services from the government for free. In addition, the tax exemption for the people is another proof that the country that owns the grandest palace in the world cares about the lives of its residents.

  1. Longest Leader in Asia

Talking about Brunei Darussalam, it is incomplete if it does not discuss the charismatic leader who has succeeded in bringing the 5,765 kmĀ² countries to its peak, namely Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. He is the 29th sultan of Brunei. Sultan Hassanal himself is the eldest son of the 28th Sultan of Brunei, namely Begawan Sultan Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddin III.

The man who was appointed king in 1967 is the leader of the second longest-serving monarchy in the world after Queen Elizabeth II. Apart from being the leader of the kingdom, he also serves as the Minister of Defense, Prime Minister, and Minister of Finance of Brunei Darussalam.

  1. Ban the Sales of Alcohol

As an Islamic country, Brunei Darussalam is quite strict in implementing Sharia. In a country with a population of around 437,479 people in 2020, there are quite strict rules regarding alcoholic beverages.

Brunei Darussalam is known to be one of the countries that strictly prohibits the sale and consumption of alcohol in its country. Alcohol consumption itself is usually only for people who are not Muslim.

And it is highly regulated by the government. In addition to having to report to the customs officers at the airport, the amount of alcohol carried is also limited, which is only 2 bottles and 12 cans of beer per person. For citizens who are Muslims who are determined to drink alcohol or sell, they will be punished according to sharia, namely being caned.

  1. Have a High Obesity Rate

If the United States is known as the country with the highest obesity rate in the world, then in Southeast Asia, Brunei is the country with the highest obesity rate. According to official data released by the Ministry of Health of Brunei Darussalam. About three in 10 adults in Brunei are obese or overweight.

In addition, a survey conducted by the Brunei Center for Strategy and Policy Research said that 17% of adolescents with an age range of 13-17 years had obesity problems. Even so, the Brunei government itself often reminds its citizens to keep living a healthy life.

  1. Enforce Sharia Law

Brunei Darussalam is the first country in Southeast Asia to implement sharia criminal law at the national level since 2013. The method of punishment used for violators is also adjusted based on the case carried out.

The punishments include lashings for drunkards, stoning to death and lashings for LGBT and adulterers, cutting off hands or feet for perpetrators of theft, and imprisonment for dressing inappropriately for gender.

Although sharia law is often controversial in some countries, this country which is known for its low crime rate continues to enforce the law for every citizen.

  1. Countries with Highest Car Ownership Rates in the World

As one of the richest countries in the world, Brunei is known as the country with the highest car ownership ratio in the world. This is based on a survey conducted in 2015, where in that country the number of car ownership by the people of Brunei Darussalam was recorded, which was 615 cars per 1000 people.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah himself is known to have a collection of five thousand cars, consisting of various world-famous brands. Some of the collections include; 530 Mercedes-Benz, 360 Bentley, 360 Ferrari, 180 BMW, 160 Porsche, 170 Jaguar, 130 Rolls Royce, and 20 Lamborghini. He is referred to as one of the people who have the most cars in the world.

  1. The residents are fluent in English

English is an international language that is officially used to communicate between ethnic groups. If most the people in Asia are not very fluent in English. In Brunei, English is their second language after Malay.

Almost 90% of the people in Brunei Darussalam are known to master English. The population of Brunei itself consists of ethnic Malays with a total presentation of about 66.3%, Chinese 11.2%, Dayak 3.4%, and 19.1% are of mixed ethnicity.

  1. Take off your shoes when you visit

Apart from Indonesia, Brunei also has a unique tradition that is usually done when visiting or visiting people’s homes. Bruneians know that they often take off their shoes before entering other people’s homes. The habit of opening one’s shoes has indeed become a habit that is often carried out by the Malay community and several other tribes in Asia.

In addition to keeping the house clean from various impurities, this habit is also carried out as a form of courtesy when visiting other people’s homes. So, don’t be surprised if you see this habit while in Brunei Darussalam.

  1. Smoking is Haram in Brunei

Apart from alcoholic beverages, smoking in public places is forbidden in Brunei Darussalam. Some people caught breaking the rules, even had to pay fines with a fairly high nominal. If in some countries smoking areas are often provided for smokers, in Brunei itself this will never be found.

There itself is the Brunei Darussalam Law Enforcement Task Force which often patrols and arrests violators of the rules who smoke in public spaces. For those who violate, the fines imposed as punishment are quite diverse. Ranging from 1.2 million to 36 million, or get a sentence of 3 months in prison.

Those are 10 facts about the State of Brunei Darussalam that we have summarized. Each country has unique facts that are sometimes rarely known to others. Which information do you find most interesting about the country of Brunei? Write your comments below, yes!